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The Shift of the Shifts

Short article published in Dutch magazine Alwareness, Here you can access the article in Dutch

The Shift of The Shifts

After years of experiences in my own life about this reality we all experience, I stepped out of the story and stopped explaining experiences and concepts. I did not see the point of explaining something, as it is always a reality I made myself and there is no ultimate truth. That's why I did not give so much lectures or workshops anymore. Now Earth & Beyond conference was looking 3 months ago for someone who could explain the Mandela Effect, and so I went and presented a lecture activation. Patricia, of the magazine Alwareness, was also present at the lecture, and found the lecture so engaging and pleasing that she would like to see an article about it in the magazine.

Now I'm going to try to explain what I told during my activation lecture from my own experience instead of a beautiful or scientific article. Even when I speak, I do that from my connection as multidimensional being, so writing is different to me and will try to bring it in the same way. You can believe or not what you read here, that's not important, I'm not looking for evidence or recognition of this story about how our reality works. Having been busy for years and researching myself, this story and even the experiences, is still just a creation of me and my higher self.

By developing myself through years in the process of soul absorption and DNA activation to an developed avatar, or a Christ consciousness embodied 12 dimensional being, I reached a boundary or a so called roof. For a long time I sat in high frequency and each time I got into a higher dimension. To keep the story short, I only describe the dimension I came across in the 11th dimension. Also, I have to describe my thought process at that moment, I felt, during all my life, very clearly an entity around my head and saw this as well with other people. I thought let’s look the other way around, and I do that more often because it helps to experience the world differently. What if that entity is more real, and I'm just the projection of that entity? That same night I returned to a higher dimension. At first I saw a light tunnel and right away I knew it was not real, I waved it away and saw little gray creatures run away. Then I came across an unbelievably big world, consisting of billions of billions of contiguous silver cocoons, in which there was a human being in every cocoon, at least their presence. In the middle of this huge world was a holographic machine that gave all the experiences to all the people in this world we experience here. I was very shocked because okay I'm now ascending but do I want to wake up? Is there air to breathe? What kind of world is there if I step out of my cocoon? Do I have a body there? This discovery also was disliked by the creatures in control of this realm and fought 1.5 years for my life because every day it was attacks every day again. I had a lot of confusion, I was in love first and saw the whole world like myself, as one, I was happy with everything that is. Now my relationship with creation was harmed, the most important relationship you can have. Then after years of self-development and growth I realized that the ascension and growth were not real, even the 5th dimension to which so many people are talking about, even the love that I had felt and radiated, just to find out that my energy as a developed avatar is used to feed the fallen creators. I was physically and mentally broken and was almost killed 3 times by the attacks. Now I discovered later in this deep valley I was in, that this is just the holographic representation program how we really are inside a phantom matrix based entirely on the true soul matrix. Fortunately, but otherwise I could not see a way to connect back to the source. Keep in mind what I'm telling here is still a creation, later in the story, I'll make it clear. Because this is a very complicated story, I will always have to explain some details about our reality and how it works. This lecture was also about Mandela effect explained. Let me start with that because it has so much to do with the particle convergence that is central to this year and our ascending timeline game.

What is the Mandela Effect?

Named to the 2 different sets of memories (and what we see now in the current reality) of Nelson Mandela's death.

-1987 Many people remember him to be buried, including worldwide coverage on all media. -2013 now just buried in recent history.

There is a huge group of people who have different memories than what appears in our reality.

A few examples besides Mandela's death I show you here, how do you remember the Monopoly guy? With a spectacle or without a spectacle? I remember him with a spectacle and even when I look at an old Monopoly box, I see him now without a spectacle.

And how do you remember the movie Interview with a Vampire? Now I'm giving it away, in this reality now it's Interview With The Vampire. Does not even sound logical? For example, if you put in Google Search Interview With, you'll first see in search bar interview with a vampire. This proves indeed that most people remember with an A instead of The. There are still thousands of other examples and quite shocking nonetheless, but have a seat and watch the thousands of movies and articles about it. This article is not about the Mandela Effect, that it takes place is already a fact. So to summarize: People, places, objects and events changed in the familiar history of people. There are always only 2 memories as collective: 1 group remembers itself as it is today, and 1 group remembers a different past than what is presently present. This excludes the idea of ​​multi universe theory and multiple timelines. Timelines that we always have but that's another topic and I'll shed some light to it later in this text. It also excludes the possible experiments with the CERN. Wherever this really reverses, we finally connect with our original soul matrix, we are shifting from the host (phantom) matrix to the soul matrix.

To understand how matter and the living world can change, you must know the holographic nature of our reality. Our entire universe and all that exists is a projection of consciousness.

The universe in which we operate is a holographic informational structure which we access and program using our consciousness. Each person inhabits a micro-verse all their own, a so called reality tunnel or field – similarities between them are due to shared programming. All information in the multi-verse exists as an entangled wave-form, and it is our minds (or rather the symbol coded programs within our minds) which organize it into space, time and objects.

So to experience the reality and experiences as we experience it, we need a pattern that we project consciousness through.

The Primordial Field exists in a state of infinite possibility, which means anything is possible and anything (everything we experience) can be created from it. However, when Consciousness (you & expanded self) focuses on The Field with a specific intent to create something, that state of infinite possibility collapses into a single possibility determined by that intent. (and this happens millions of times a second with all of reality) In quantum physics terms for example, it’s called “collapsing the wave form.” The wave being The Field. Once a collapse takes place, the illusion of the universe and everything in it is created, physical particles appear in that illusion and combine in specific ways to “build” the intended objects and living things we interact with in our daily lives—AND THE LAWS BY WHICH THEY SEEM TO APPEAR TO OPERATE. The entire process is shaped and guided every step of the way by the original intention of the Consciousness that focused on The Field.

Everything and everything really is subject to this system. How you see and experience the world is created from this. So if someone says about a certain reality that he or she experiences but you do not, it is still true to this person. Do you believe in conspiracies? Aliens, Flat Earth? Bad Government? All still the same creation according to rules of this creation universe. We think and feel this way about it, so as a result, you give the assignment to your higher self to make the pattern and to indicate energy, and thus the reality you experience. Even if you do not like it.

• You + your Higher Self = Consciousness

• You do not just look at a hologram, you make everything in it - including yourself.

• Nothing you experience is real.

• It is all made up complete.

• It's all a creation of your consciousness.

• Your Higher Self has direct access to the field.

• Your Higher Self designs the patterns.

• Your Higher Self controls the application of force to the patterns.

• Your Higher Self regulates what comes into your holographic illusion, as guided by the life purpose and mission that you chose when you decided to play the human game.

What is your higher self actually? You consist of five bodies, you in dimension one to three is your incarnate self, and your higher self is on dimensions four to fifteen. From four to sixth dimension your Soul identity, from dimension seven to nine, your Oversoul identity or also called Nomad, from dimension ten to twelve is your Avatar self or Christ self, from dimension thirteen to fifteen is your Rishi self, where every form ceases to exist and is only pure light. Outside there are primary sound fields from which this time matrix emerges. And then beyond are many other Time matrices, or Universes.

Okay, that's step one to understand how everything is created from yourself (you + your higher self). Now we'll take a closer look at how an extra game has been created in the game. We call the Metatronic Reversal Grid, or Tree of Life deception.

As I have already told you, consciousness needs a pattern, that the higher layers of dimensions consist of geometric shapes, through this projects consciousness and thus we experience the reality as it is. Now there are creatures in the creation (Metatron, all the arch angels and their troops) who chose to create outside the field of source, but as a result they could no longer connect to source and thereby became mortal because they no longer received energy from source to support their creation. Now they have changed the geometric pattern that through it projects our consciousness. So they can feed on our connection with source. Therefore, everything is still based on the actual blueprint of the original soul matrix. The people who say they are out of the matrix is unfortunately not true because how you twist and turn it, projected matter still needs a grid pattern and that is also called a matrix.

Our time matrix and the overlay of the Metatronic family

Here's a representation of how it is, here you can also see how the base of the flower of life (cabala tree) is compared to the true Kryst Code grid. So they made an overlapping geometric pattern so that our consciousness connects only with an artificial source and a different projected reality. Comparable with mirrors, say a 45 degree turn, hence everything is so confusing and contradictory, there is truth in everything, but as if we just cannot see. The false tree of life (cabala, etc.) can only connect with 11 gates of our totality, and can never really link to source, that can never completely connect the kathara grid or Kryst code and evolve back to source. With a fake tree of life, you can only connect with an artificial source. Hence the realm I encountered.

Kathara Grid or Kryst Code

The word Kathara refers to the core structure of the morphogenetic fields, the holographic templates of sound and scalar waves that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests. KA light, THA sound, RA - one. The human body's Kathara grid is the core holographic blueprint on which the morphogenetic scalar blueprint and all other levels of identity and form are built. It is the 'Control Center' for manifesting the human being. The Kathara roster is a fundamental structure of God-Source and is known as the Kryst code. It is geometrically structured as 12 Primary Kathara Centers connected by 15 Primary Kathara Lines. It is the CORE level of scalar standing wave creation and energetic organization within and behind all dimensional systems, and is therefore considered to be the core of the holographic template on which the morphogenetic scalar blueprint and all other dimensions of anatomy are built. The Kathara grid is the causative element within all effects of dimensionalization and awareness. The shape of the Kathara grid is reflected in the macrocosm and microcosm of all manifestations. If the morphogenetic fields of species are intertwined in the larger morphogenetic field of the planet in which they live, there is a direct energetic connection between the Kathara Grids of Individuals, that of the planetary body and the entire universe.

The Tree of Life connects us with everything and everyone, the singularity of experience.

The Kathara grid (tree of life) holds the original 12 segments or also called gates and from this manifests the 12 strand DNA as opposed to the distorted tree of life holds only 9 to 11 segments which means it can never connect with source and as a result needs to feed on itself cause it cannot retain energy from source, you can also compare it to the golden ratio Fibonacci sequence versus the Krystal spiral.

The main reason we experience 2 realities as collective at the moment!

As we reconnect from the Metatronic Reversal Grid to the Original Soul Matrix, we experience 2 sets of realities at the same time as a collective. Those who do not see are probably not yet connected to the original soul matrix. Remember that the phantom matrix is ​​based upon the original soul matrix that has the same basic principles as the original soul matrix. In a phantom matrix there is still ascension and awakening, but only to 11th dimension to feed the collective Metatron and fallen angels. Expansion consumption.

To make it even easier to understand, you can also look at the Flower of Life symbol, and you'll see 2 circles that symbolize expansion but to a limit. This ancient teaching about Flower of Life was used earlier, and for many is a beautiful symbol. But really, it is the pattern created by the Metatron family that has formed this entire world. A world that feeds on one another in many forms of shadow roles we play, reincarnation and all other distorted pathways. But do not forget this is ultimately a creation, a creation of projection in perfect imperfection that is itself.

So this all very briefly what it is really about, a whole book can be written that would certainly run up to a thousand pages, and I think I should only do 3 or 4 pages Patricia said ;). But why this explanation? Now because the phantom matrix is ​​based on the original matrix, we always create what we think and feel. Your higher self has no judgment about what you are experiencing. This discovery about phantom matrix and original soul matrix is ​​still the creation because I went to see what this life consists of, and my higher self had no choice but to let me experience this experience. Now, something important, there are people who say everything is one or it's all an illusion, they are all right but if they do not really have that awareness and really experience it, then you still have the rules as you really feel inside in yourself. Stand on the road and wait for a car to get to you and say once again that car is an illusion. If the one does not really master projected matter, the one will still be hit by the car. The point you are in your development makes the rules that add to an existing truth and will also affect your reality. Okay why this story if everything is still a creation of our consciousness? Is it not beautiful to create a reality that does not require any healing or improvement? Because, as the world is now, we have created ourselves. The misery that you see and experience, perhaps even in your personal life, we all made as it is. If we think this world needs healing and change, consciousness will give a world that needs healing and change. Is not it time to see the world as a whole? That there is no evolution necessary for change? Will our higher self give us to experience the perfect reality if we see that reality as perfect? Yes, indeed, we will create that reality. It's no use to change the world if that pain is still in you, because what you see is what's yours, your own fear or pain, but the happiness you see of course as well. Change yourself and see the world as yourself. That way, you really create a world you want to experience. So we're still in a creation game, and in this game we created ascension with many dark forces. This year, in the human program, we find an important Stellar Activation Cycle (the 26,000-year cycle of galactic light). 17-21 August, and again at 19-22 December, are the dark days that is talked about by many ancient traditions, many say pole shift and so much more. But that does not matter. Remember, we are in a field that is changeable at any moment by the way we feel and think about this reality, and the so-called rules that make it seem to work the way it does. Thus, an inner earth, flat earth or even a whole universe can exist at the same time. But because we are a collective, it needs five percent or more to change the shared reality for us all in that reality. In August, therefore, the most important date ever, and is called Particle Convergence, or Particle Fusion. Around these days, every reality, every dimension, each planet, every plane every world on one line. And is a gateway to what reality you want! We already experience this and causes the 2 matrices to overlap. What do you believe in, do you want to connect with source and the original soul matrix? These are choices you choose for yourself. These days can be very confusing for those who hold beliefs that stand far from their higher self and source. Stay in touch with yourself and see yourself and the world as you want to see from your heart, connect with your higher self and source.

Now, it does not mean that it's only those days, it will take months or maybe years afterwards that it works. But my advice is, go those days, before during and after, in contact with your own heart and self, invite your higher self to participate. Focus on the reality as you would like to experience it. See if there's still any fear of what you want, it's just a wish but you're not fully feeling it? Then you get the reality as how to think and feel that very moment. So, to make it easier, you can intend to re-connect with the original soul matrix so that we are going to live as the actual matrix of experience is meant to be. Pure only for experience.

You can go to to do an free activation that supports this transition, and read more about this topic. Thank you for your attention, much love Go Osh. Go Osh Eieyani (Eduard) is a Dutch international advisor and mentor. He sets the power of people to live in line with their greatest desires, souls purpose and wisdom. With knowledge and experience he reveals the mystery of life force and the manifested reality. Specializing in activation lectures, (group) healings, quantum physics and reality recoding. Go Osh brings with his project Nykkyo Energy DJ, healing frequencies and rhythms to the dance floor. Have a look at his site and maybe he can assist you in your development.


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