"The Mission on Earth is to achieve the inner happiness and the collective awakening of the reality, which is now. As humanity rises in frequency the whole universal creation rises as well. As above is below so it is that the power of unconditional, omniscient love is the field that will ascend not only Earth, but the mind of the divine, into the way back home, which is here...and now."

Chintamania by Go Osh Eieyani


Go Osh Eieyani is a man who has developed himself as a highly qualified guide, therapist and teacher during many years of being engaged in giving lectures, seminars and trainings as a therapist as well as giving performances as an artist which integrates his knowledge as a healer. Next to this he has trained himself and by his guides extensively during many years in Keylontic science, esoteric teachings, quantum physics and has specialized in several forms of energetic therapy.

He experienced all his life things which are not obvious visible to others, etheric beings encounters, parallel realities, feeling and seeing people their energetic well-being for example. One of the things that Go Osh discovered for himself is the fact that he doesn’t originate from Earth. Thanks to remembering his Galactic and Universal roots, he knows why he is here upon Earth and what his Divine mission is, which upon this planet is to be in service to humanity and Mother Earth. Go Osh realized he has a mission to help increase the level of consciousness and to raise the frequency of humanity here upon planet Earth, so our beloved Mother Gaia and all her Children are finally able to transcend into the higher dimensions, for which there is an incredible potential present upon the planet right now.

Go Osh been told by his guides that the time has come to share all the knowledge he has gathered during this and many other lives and one of his main missions is to help humanity understand the holographic nature of our reality and Universe, and connect them back to their selves. This he does in the form of specific activation lectures, in combination with several forms of energetic therapy, all designed to help release all kinds of blockages and limitations in the human energetic field and the lower 4-body system.

For this reason Go Osh nowadays offers a wide range of energetic and/or holistic therapies, as well as assisting people through aura & karmic cleansing sessions, often offered in combination with the appropriate DNA activations. Next to aura & karma cleansing and DNA activations Go Osh also offers his service in the form of Access Consciousness, Emotional Freedom Technique, Body Talk and more (often guided) techniques and forms of personal assistance. Go Osh does so in tandem with several multi-dimensional beings such as the The Guardians, with who he’s been in contact all his life. Now he is busy with his new project, Energy DJ, which uses music and all his knowledge into a healing experience.


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