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Cycling tour along the Chapada dos Veadeiros

Alto Paraiso - Goiás - Brazil

7 – 17 April  2017

Already missing the warm weather and two-wheeled friend? Want to open the season with cycling a bike? Have you ever dream to visit the fabulous Brazil?

The time has come and all the doors are open, so go ahead, toward your dream!


We will be riding around the unique plateau region of Brazil, Chapada dos Veadeiros where born many rivers, waterfalls spreads throughout Latin America. City of our launch, Alto Paraiso, known worldwide as one of the sacred power places of the Earth. Here is the biggest underground crystals in the world. Its diameter is 20 kilometers. Crystal has created a plateau Chapada dos Veadeiros ("Deer Plateau" - translated from Portuguese.) Height of the plateau is 1650 meters above sea level.


Chapada is located in the central part of Brazil, its natural creations are fascinating: waterfalls, crystals, mountains, cosmic plants, colorful birds, savannah animals - the subject of contemplation and photographing objects, which do not need a button "masterpiece" on your Cameras.

Alto Paraiso - an ideal place for athletes, creative people and, of course for adventurers. In a small, full of mystery and mysticism shaman town we can feel that there is a Heaven on Earth! And name Alto Paraiso is translated like High Paradise (translated from Portuguese.). Alto Paraiso is located at 14 parallel, as well as Machu Picchu in Peru, so not casual here a lot of miracles, paranormal happenings and the city is decorated with statues and paintings depicting aliens, which the locals see often enough.

Pleasure of this trip is that there is no need to carry large and heavy bags, as we will spend the night in a comfortable environment, and in the morning we travel to the waterfalls, passing from 5 to 90 kilometers of cycle paths + ground, compacted roads and return home in the evening. If necessary, we will be accompanied by a car to carry bags and to give extra support for those, who are tired. All you need to take with you is camera, swimsuit and sunscreen. In some waterfalls we going to eat in restaurants or enjoy local homemade cuisine. For more wild places we will take Brazilian nuts and dried fruit and can also be ordered lunch to carry with us.

Before and after trips we can have exotic, delicious fruits, organic products, super foods, traditional Brazilian food, drink coconut water, delicious Acai, stimulate the body and maintain the tone via the power plants! Let’s develop our bodies!

Action plan

Arrival in Brasilia (the capital) is desirable on April 7. Two way tickets from Europe to Brazil cost around 550-800 euros.

We will meet you at the airport in Brasilia and start to explore the capital. Brasilia is a young city, built entirely on the preliminary draft. Like the ancient Egyptian city, Brasilia has the shape of a bird with two wings, tail and cockpit. It’s very futuristic, organized and modern. We will do city tour around most interesting places.

On the way we will organize place to change money into the local currency, Reals (the most Real money here) for a better rate. In Alto Paraiso no exchange, there is an ATM where you can withdraw money from the card.

Upon arrival in Alto Paraiso we will be accommodated in Tsunami Art Center. It is a cozy, protected from the outside hustle and bustle place where every corner is a piece of art by local artists Xa.

April 8. Breakfast, adaptation, grounding, selection of bikes and additional equipment. Bike rental for 10 days will cost €140-160 and this is included in the program fee. If someone bring their own bike €140-160 will be reduced from program fee. All bikes are new, with amortizations and disc brakes. Good to take helmet, hydration system or water bottle, a flashlight, or rent one here. Set for sealing chambers/tires can also take with you or can be purchased here.

The first trip to the waterfall: preparation, easy ride to warm up and to fall into a clean, refreshing and crystal water. To find yourself in paradise after a long journey. Enjoy the sun, nature, views and beauty around. In the evening we go back home, eat a delicious soup for dinner, sit around the campfire, and introduce our selves.

9-16 April, we will visit around 5-7 waterfalls, visit the places, similar to other far of planets. Let’s enjoy the peace of nature and vibrations of the body, the singing birds and their bright colors, the scent of flowers, the purity of the water and the noise of the huge waterfalls.

We will visit local artists, healers, shamans and people who still live in a primitive society. For those who wants, can pass the traditional ceremony with the hallucinogens power plants. At the end of the trip we will visit the thermal waters to relax before the flight home, if you will not prolong this wonderful journey.

We will finish with party with drums around the fire - a light with the Latin rhythms!

April 17th (not strictly) is the departure. We will have to give back the two wheels horse. Crying can be a reason of saying goodbye and going down from the top of the world on the road to the airport, from where you can fly to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and go to travel across South America!



We will be received in Tsunami Art will be secure in a private area with WIFI, comfortable, clean accommodation with vegetarian organic food, a Zendo for practices and ceremonies and a large patio for campfires, etc.

Which waterfalls we dive in?

Cataratas dos Corus - chic, wide, wild! 18 km asphalt and 35 km dirt road - this is not for beginners, but it's worth it!

National Park, Canyons - 36 km of asphalt and 6 km tracking - incredible!

Makakinyas - staggering! 13 km asphalt 30 km ground road.

Loquinhas – 3 km primer - for unloading and for lazy day

Sao Bento - good for the start of the trip, to jump off a cliff into a deep pool! 8 km asphalt, 2 km primer.

Vale da Lua - space, it looks like we got to the moon. Who made the tea today?

Santa Barbara - if you will overcome, with an overnight stay in Cavalkante, 120 km of which 30 primer.

But the water indescribable beauty!

Almesegas X2 - a strong, life-giving, rejuvenating Waterfall, where you can often see a rainbow, and even bathe in it! 8 km of asphalt, 3 km primer.

Zen Sertão – end of the Chapada edge overlooking to the Bahia. Power, Connecting with the majestic. 10 km primer by the mountains.

Segredo - a mysterious, hidden, mystery. 42 km of cycle paths and 10 km of ground road.

Jardim de Maitreya - will see this often. Burici valley - the view that is nourishing and nurtures our soul.

And many other wonderful discoveries for us!

What to bring?


  • Flashlight

  • Cloak, raincoat

  • Sunscreen

  • Jacket with long sleeves

  • Tracking shoes

  • Warm clothing (for the night can be cool, daytime is hot)

Program fee 850 €


  • Includes 10 nights accommodation in a comfortable environment with breakfast;

  • Transfers Brasilia - Alto Paraiso - Brasilia (capital);

  • Including top notch mountainbike rental

  • Guides for cycling to the falls;

  • Car support for carry luggage to waterfalls.

Not included


  • Flight to Brazil;

  • Entrance fee to the waterfalls (on average €3-6 waterfall, there are some  free of charge);

  • Lunches and dinners (in the town self-service restaurant with delicious Brazilian cuisine. The portions on the weight of the average cost in the €7-9. Also, acai, coconuts or organic food at the local market affordable twice a week. And plenty of fruits anytime and anywherel)

  • Personal expenses

Booking & Contact

any other questions concerning this trip, just ask :)

We are waiting for you in heaven with warm hugs :)

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