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Kryst Code Tree Of Life Activation

Tree of Life - Kryst Code Activation


What is the Tree of life - Kryst Code?

The Kathara grid which is also called the Kryst Code, is the inner tree of life, which is the form holding template and regulates your DNA coding, and this DNA holds what realities you can experience. This grid is connected with the planetary and universal Kathara Grids, so we are truly connected with each and everything. Now this activation means we are setting the distorted inner tree (the false cabala, tree of life, flower of life, metatronic deception) back to the original form holding template, the Kryst Code. This activation supports that you can link back from the host matrix to the original soul Matrix. You can read my latest article in magazine Alwareness here, you can find also more info on this page.

Instructions: Take a still moment, make a little ceremony out of it to strengthen your intention. Do some breathing exercises. Connect with your intent to your Higher Self, state your intent to connect again with your original Soul Matrix. Listen to the music and let your imagination guide all music, and the the sacred coding encoded into the music, in to all your body, cells and DNA. You can do this activation as much as you wish and feel. Do the deepening meditation with it as described down under and download the free gift for you to place on all your electronic equipment or print as much as you want to charge objects or water


Here you can download the file


Feel free to share this with anyone you feel and use it to your wishes as long you mention the sites and the ones who made it

Enjoy more meditations here

Deepening the meditation

Intentions are: Creating Love, Peace, Balance, Health, Connectedness, Care, Wellbeing, Security, Durability, Abundance, Purity, Joy, Integrity and Cooperation in Freedom and Real Truth, and So We All Be One and Back To our original Blueprint and Source.

How to meditate: You first connect with yourself, your higher heart and soul, and your physical body and all your other bodies. Then connect with the Kryst Code Activation by requesting it and let it enter via your cosmic cord to your Crown chakra. Let it flow through your physical body and all your other bodies to your base chakra. From your base chakra, let it go through your Earth Chord, through Earth to the Inner Earth. Anchor this energy there. Feel this with love in your heart, anchor this feeling in the inner earth and then let this energy flow back through your Earth Cord to your first chakra, through all your bodies, to your crown chakra, through your cosmic cord into the cosmos where it will be Connected and anchored with the Kryst 12 dimensional frequency. Then let this energy flow back and forth again, from Cosmos to inner Earth and back again, as indicated above.

If you are fine, you can continue working on the following: You set the Kryst Code in the places listed below and take the same procedure as you did for yourself, but transferred to a location. Every place also has a cosmic cord, and all kinds of bodies (the physical ground and around it the other bodies, you do not have to think about what exactly, just the name and the intention is already good). Start at home, the building (hospital or otherwise) where you were born and all the people who were on Earth in your life here. Then you take your place of birth (village, city) and all other places you have ever lived, with house and people. Then you take all the congregations which you have lived, the provinces, the countries, parts of the world where you have been with all the people who were in your life. Then you connect the Kryst energy with the entire planet Earth, the planets in our galaxy and all other galaxies. Let the Kryst energy flow from Source to Everything What Is. Keep repeating this until you feel it's ready for you right now.

If you fall asleep, that's okay too, it can happen that because of the energy you feel tired or spaced out. Remember to take care of yourself after the meditation! Drink regularly the days after this meditation, because the body will clean up and support you in this process. Sometimes there is no need for drinking, which is possible as well. Also, your diet may change, just follow your gut feeling of what to eat and not, follow your body!

Of course, this meditation can be repeated as often as you like. You can also listen to music only because there are Kryst Codes encoded in the music and highly amplified.

Whole and Complete for Yourself and for the Whole and All of the Multiverse

Kryst Code Tree of Life Activation

Free Gift For You

Free gift for you, to use on your phone, computer and a printout to charge your water, clear your food or electricity in your house and many other applications possible. And upgraded high-frequency Kryst Code Activation for aligning yourself to your authentic state.

These Divine Tools are a gift for you, to place as a background and lock screen on your computer, tablet and mobile phones. As well as a printout to charge any object with the energies encoded within the images.

The images and music are encoded with Krystal Spiral ratio algorithm and contains over 50 different codes from the Absolute Harmonic Universe & Primal Rays of Creation, Water of Love energy intention set by different masters & healers and Quantum Signatures. Supporting your growth to your original divine blueprint. Plus these energies radiate through the electric magnetic signals from your electronic devices, harmonizing and disabling the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Placing these energies on your electronic devices, or print out and place them wherever you want and feel, will influence the direct surrounding, the internet and anything it comes in contact with. This way we can remind all of the reality it is perfect, harmonious and loved. Ready to step into the original blueprint and source.

Download HERE

More information

If you do not know about the false phantom matrix we are experiencing, and want understand what means metatronic deception, and how we are in a fallen reality you can read these articles, here  and here  

The Kathara grid holds the original 12 segments of the 12 strand DNA as opposed to the distorted trees of life holds only 9 to 11 segments which means it can never connect with source and as a result needs to feed on itself cause it cannot retain energy from source, you can also compare it to the golden ratio Fibonacci sequence versus the Krystal spiral and this is already well explained in the article links above and in this article

And that is also what we can see in nature and with ourselves, the process of birth and decay which is not our divine original template. Why this is now needed? We are now in process or actually particle convergence, going from the host matrix to the original soul matrix. The reassembly of the inner tree Kryst Code will prepare you and our realities for the transition from host matrix to original soul matrix, to able to link up to our original Divine birthright.

More about Kathara Grid:
Kathara Grid (tree of life)
The word Kathara refers to the Core Structure of Morphogenetic Fields, the Holographic Templates of Sound-light and Scalar Waves that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests. KA - Light, THA - Sound, RA - One.
The Kathara Grid of the human body is the Core Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar-wave template, and all other levels of identity and form are built. It is the "Control Center" for manifestation of the Human Being.
The Kathara Grid is a fundamental structure of God-Source, and it is known as the Krist Code. It is geometrically structured as 12 Primary Kathara Centers connected by 15 Primary Kathara Lines. It is the CORE level of scalar standing wave creation and energetic organization within and behind all dimensionalized systems, and is thus considered to be the Core of the Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar wave blueprint and all other dimensions of form anatomy are built. The Kathara Grid is the causal element within all manifest effects of dimensionalization and consciousness. The form of the Kathara Grid is reflected in the Macrocosm and the Microcosm of all manifestation.

As the morphogenetic fields of species are interwoven into the larger morphogenetic field of the planet they inhabit, there is a direct energetic connection between the Kathara Grids of individuals and that of the planetary body.


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image copyright E’Asha Ashayana

image copyright E’Asha Ashayana

image copyright E’Asha Ashayana


Voice by Unity Grace
Sacred Coding by The Guardians
Scalar Waves by Divine Tools

Idea & Music by Go Osh Eieyani Nykkyo Energy DJ

This work is completely for free and a lot of time and effort went into it. If you feel this contributed to your growth, you can return energy by giving a gift either by sharing your gifts or donating in Paypal

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