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These are people their own experiences and I am grateful for their growth

"I received an Aura Cleansing session from Eduard almost 2 months ago. During and after the session I experienced many subtle energy changes in my field. It had to do with money flow, self-worth, being myself, security and speaking my truth. After the session I experienced change in many areas of my life. I was able to turn my feeling of lack into abundance, had a big breakthrough on the area of self-worth and made the decision to start fully living from the inside out, not first checking what is comfortable for the outside world before I express myself.

Just 1 week after the session, a big shift happened in my life. I always knew that all the love you’re looking for is inside yourself, but only now I can understand that from a deeper level. Feeling much home in myself now. I’m very grateful I am finally able to break through these blockages I have carried with me for a long time. Also Eduard’s way of looking at life inspires me. Not wearing the spiritual. Very beautiful how he’s offering so many ways of healing though his work. I can feel the programmed music and Aura Cleansing is from a high level and find it beautiful to see that this energy can reach so many.

I would highly recommend others to do a session with him, as well as buying the Power of Love Spray and the Music of Divine.Tools. AMAZING.

Thank you very much Eduard for making this energy available for all "

Warmest love and gratitude,

Joyce – Huri Nuku

"Today I received a healing from Eduard. We had contact over the phone in which I indicated that I feel blocked or held back from what I really want to do in life. Among other things, we talked about self-love and the program we as humanity / world are in. The louder we shout something, the more we get it 'on our plate'. What I liked about our conversation is that Eduard goes into it without judgment and shares his philosophy about living in this. I can especially endorse his philosophy and I liked that he can give it such clear words. It acts as a channel that transmits the information. He stimulated me to feel whether this is also true for me. This creates a good foundation of confidence for me to allow him fully into my energetic field.

After the conversation I lay down. Meditating on an ambient tune based on frequencies for my Aura healing. In this I mainly focused on the question of letting go of all the old. It was like a half-dream I was in. With lessons that took place more in the subconscious. What was clear was an image of a character, a woman with whom I have a long and also good past. But where the pain points have also been touched about being your own person. My muddledness, impulsiveness and not always being able to handle appointments well. She had a form of a caricature. Came before and went again. That's how a number of things happened that I can only half remember. That's okay, this takes place in my subconscious and it can live there.

After the clearing meditation, Eduard called me. I flinched at my phone for a moment. What a different world, but nice that I could share my thoughts with him. He also named 'pain points' that I myself had almost pushed aside and remembered me in naming them. He was attentive to my healing. We will speak again in 3 to 4 days and he mentioned that it is possible that I could feel a bit more gloomy or tired, due to the process of change. Thanks to this aftercare, because I can also apply self-love in this. Being able to study the emotion, where it comes from and process it without judgement. He also gave me tips on how I could possibly 'park' the emotions. All in all, I am open to his treatment, especially because of the fine way of approach. Without judgment and answering all my questions. And above all, my own choice in what I think and feel."

"I recently had the 6 sessions with Eduard, the first 3 clearings were about cleaning out my system, aura, karma and seals clearing - these brought up various different things to be acknowledged, accepted and to be let go. Then we did 3 DNA activations sessions and here I really recognized a big change in my way of being and seeing things. It was a beautiful experience and I loved the way it was done through the gorgeous music. Thank you very much Eduard, I have already recommended you to other people who are also having ‘interesting’ experiences as well."

The sessions with Eduard is really powerful .
I got so much upgrades from his work that every aspects of my life has changed . I did the 6 sessions in a row and each sessions is just filled with so much love . The encoded music is absolutely amazing . I felt it so strongly when we started to do the DNA wow ....
What has occurred since is that I have Much more clarity and I it opened up my connexions to my Multidimensionality. All my senses has accelerated as well. That makes me live my life with so much joy , grace and love . Much Gratitude and love to Eduard . ❤️🙏🏼💜

As a massage Therapist I'm very aware of the fact that you always can pick up bad energies and/or entities from clients, because of the intens energetic exchange..and that's why I always make sure that I create my protection bubble before a treatment.

So I did Today...but unfortunately, somehow, I wasn't able to protect myself enough.. My last cliënt was recently treated with radioactive treatment for cancer, which is obviously an entity treatment for an entity illness... 😮 I wasn't enough aware of this, and immediately after the treatment, within one minute, I became very very sick!! ..throwing up, dizzy, fever, shaky, pain everywhere..nasty shizzle..pfieuwwe.. I barely made it home without passing out, that bad it was!

As soon as I got home I contacted Eduard, I was still not aware of what happened, but he tuned in, and saw this big creepy entity with me, and did a clearing right away. I literally felt very strong how this hook-up left my field, and I started to feel better within minutes!! All my body-discomfort disappeared so rapidly, amazing! ❣

I know the work you do goes beyond magic, lieve Eddy, maar je blijft me van m'n sokken afblazen met je getover! 😘

Feeling grateful and blessed!!

Thank You dear friend!! 💜

If you feel there is something attached in your field, aura, astral body, don't hesitate, this is the man you are looking for!!!
Highly recommended!! 💜

Mitakuye Oyasin 🙏


"During the weeks in which Eduard and I had Skype conversation every week, I was transformed a lot. I noticed that my life was in a rapid change and that I learned more quickly and learned lessons.
There was no dramatic tunmoil, with many emotions and thunder. However, there was more clarity in my mind and I became aware of my path. I got concrete what I want to achieve in my life and what I want to pass on to others.

The sessions were very clear and very specific. Without paying much attention to the literal details of my situation, Eduard managed to give a very appropriate advice and to get the points in my life where I was in that moment. It was very relaxing to leave the word with Eduard and to flow the energy of the words through me. I noticed that I was quiet and that was very good, and I did not have to explain so much at all. After the clearings I felt light and clear.

Eduard asked me what I felt or saw. This was usually not so much physical. Well, I saw colors, images, faces. I felt relaxed and focused after each session. It felt like a deep meditation. After DNA activation, I felt fuller. And delighted with life, joyful!

What I take with me from these session is the space I felt during the clearings and activations. The ability to go into deep meditation and bring me through sounds and colors. That I do not have to do so much, do not have crazy leaps to make any self-development in my life. That I need clarity and focus especially, and peace with the place I currently I am in. And to work from there.

I am very grateful for the coaching sessions. I feel that my life has accelerated, that I get through to the core of my problems faster, and that I come to meetings, events, and discoveries that bring clarity to issues that determine the direction of my life. Actually, I my higher self decide the direction of my life, instead of doing that myself. I let me lead. And that leads to exceptional invitations, encounters, tears, and love. I live fuller, deeper and more centered. And I'm grateful for what the Source, God, Creativity gives to me.

There are no more mistakes, just steps. That does not mean that I do not feel any emotions, feel doubted, or have any trouble with old patterns. They knock on, and I experience it. Sometimes I respond to it and sometimes not. And so I discover more and more. Life has become an unbelievably beautiful journey in which everything synchronizing faster and I can be grateful to my being and everything there is!

Thank you Eduard, for this beautiful experience, for your gift. I really experience it as a deep gift. My soul is happy!

Lots of love, Life and Love, Jetske "


I was feeling stuck, like I wasn't enjoying anything I was doing and didn't find inspiration and joy to do something for myself.
When i joint the webinars there was a lot I knew and a lot of 'aha' moments. A lot fell in it's place. Also I knew I had entities in my energetic field, I didn't realize it was so many! I felt them go away as you cleared them out. The next day I could smile again, but really smile again. Not a forced smile, but from my heart. After the webinars, I really needed to sleep a lot! And now, I have more energy then ever before! I have inspiration, energy for action, 

I feel great and also I noticed that I have an intense relationship with my crystals. I can feel their vibration and it's effect on me and it is really awesome! I have instant manifestations, I only have to ask the universe and it is given! I am more grounded than ever before and I don't pull negative energies towards me anymore, isn't that great? So my energy is always clear and my contact with my higher self is so strong, i just know what is good for me and what is not and can act on it with confidence.
Thank you so much for making this possible and I am thanking myself for joining your webinars.


"There was a lot going on during the five weeks I was attending Accelerated Empowerment Webinar. Each session the meditations were very powerful. I could feel it straight away. Sometimes I would have a strong pain in my body, I was sad or tired. All these shifted just few minutes after the session started. That is how high the energy is. After each course I felt like I am flying. In daily life I realized that my connection to my higher self is much faster and stronger. This helps me to see some things much more clear.

Even though I have some tough times now I can see which event is coming from where . It is not always easy. I am also much more sensitive to peoples emotions. Eduard also helped to clear our flat and put the frequency higher. Since then anyone who comes to visit would ask if we did something with our flat. That the space feels brighter and larger :)

If you want to make a better connection to yourself and learn something about how to rise your frequency, I can only recommend to attend Accelerated Empowerment Webinar or have personal sessions with Eduard. I am very happy that I did this. Thank you very much Eduard for your kindness and for your guidance.

With much love and big hug ,



"Hello, here my experience with the free Aura Clearing webinar. I did put my laptop next to me on the couch so I could comfortably lay relaxed during the session. When the meditation music video started with encoded sacred coding I went into a deep trance, I felt and saw sort of blue energy orbs that were flowing through all of my body. When the music and clearing was finished I was expecting the webinar to continue but to my surprise my laptop shut down. I restarted it and could follow the end of the webinar.

When I went to the kitchen to my surprise also my clock was not working as well, I thought maybe battery was finished but an hour later it started work again without changing the battery! After the session I felt a light comforting energy, like I enjoyed an energetic shower. I want to thank you from my heart for this session because since this session some unhealthy relationships and people disappeared and new loving ones came onto my road again. I also did do the New Earth Meditation which made me totally relaxed and at ease. With loving regards, Carolien"


"I followed the Accelerated Empowerment Webinar in October 2016. I had already done a few sessions with Eduard one or two years ago. The Webinar is an easily accessible way to work on patterns and to clear old energy that is stuck and preventing you from moving forward. You consciously get in touch with your higher self and learn to actively tackle situations, physical places, relationships, etc by actively clearing your part in those equations. Nice music and visuals while being in guided meditations. There have definitely been shifts in my perceptions, some big "aha" moments and some patterns have shown themselves. Though not all information given is clear to me, I could feel the effects of what we were doing, it would keep working through my system during the week.

Eduard is a beautiful person who puts a lot of effort in making every attendant to the webinar feel heard, and giving plenty of feedback to them as well.


"The day after the last webinar all the colors and senses felt really intense. The trees, the experience of being in nature. Like I was completely open. For example; I really could feel the difference in energy between walking underneath a tree, and walking underneath open sky. And also so sensitive in meditation, like with doing the 12d shield meditation, I could feel the Merkaba vibrating on all my chakras...Noticing some habits are fading away... started smoking again a few months ago and now after the last webinar the smoking seems not so attractive anymore, my urge to it is gone.

Feel more satisfied with my life, focused on the love between me and my son. Focused on the things I like to do. Not worrying about what I should do...After last webinar I was asked to reply to a vacancy for a really cool job... something I dream of for a long time. This Wednesday is the job interview! But the bigger issues which are triggering some fears are still difficult. Like the job interview triggers some fears... or some issues with a friend. Seem to get stuck in some feelings there and takes some time to deal with it. The realization that I am the creator is not that familiar enough, takes some time I guess."


"I am very grateful to have had the chance to experience this and like to share, so hopefully other people will decide to experience too. I always find it a little difficult to put, all of my experiences and feelings , into the right words. Sometimes there are no words to describe them but I´ll give it a try.

I was introduced to the online Aura Clearing. During the Clearing I felt rest , cried and cried and it felt like I was falling each time into another level. Days after this clearing, it was still working, there were a lot of tears but different now. Just tears....relief...every time a layer going of.

A few days ago I received a one on one Aura Clearing from Eduard. This one made a huge change! So liberating. I can feel it´s still working. Everyday I feel more and more ME, my own energy and I´m so happy about that! Before I felt such a heavy weight and dark energy. Now I feel space, lightness, rest, grounded (in me). In between the two Clearings I discovered the meditations and music of Eduard.These are also pure medicine : my mind becomes quiet, clearer, my body relaxed, grounded. Like coming home. I´ve got my faith back that I´ll shine again.

With thanks to you Eduard by offering your beautiful creation.Keep going with this beautiful work of you!

With Love,



I’ve done the dna actication last year and although my skeptical mind refuses to link it to the activation, objectively I have noticed several changes. First of all after the activation there was this very clear and bright awareness, i could see my patterns of fear of social rejection much better when they were triggered and act in accordance with what i needed at that moment instead of all most unconsciously reacting from fear.  This helped me a lot in my relationship with my girlfriend.

Furthermore, life is going much more easily than before. Things that triggered a lot of resistance or aversion like doing study assignments I could suddenly do with much ease and without this intense resistance. Other things in life that use to bother me a lot lost their intensity as well. I became much more confident in choosing for myself and the path i want to walk instead of feeling the fear to conform to the norm.
Also, during the activations my hands started to move by them-self. For me this was a sign that there was really happening something although I couldn't really (and still can't) understand all the theory around it."




"Sweet readers,
As according to the protocol, I received from Eduard 6 sessions and 1 session distant sessions for free. Everything is guided by him in absolute professional way. I look back onto a very extraordinary experience which gave me very surprising insights to who I am. The beauty is that my surrounding did not change but I did! And as a result this brings positive and clearness with all who are in contact with me.  For 14 years I had a male stalker, who made my life miserable but to all my surprise and without asking for it he disappeared completely ... and I did not even ask for this when starting the sessions with Eduard. I see it as a huge present for my change. And so much more presents came into my life... I am grateful, thank you Eduard"


Sandra Willems


I did receive in December 2014 and January 2015 three Golden DNA activation with auric clearing, karma clearing, and unnatural seals removal. I felt deep inside that I had to do this. I already did a lot the last past 15 years but when you go deeper in consciousness you know that more can come out for clearing. So, in 6 weeks I did whole the program with Eduard, and it was not easy, especially karma clearing and the Golden DNA activations. I noticed that the first and second Golden DNA activation a lot came above like emotions, thoughts and trigger points. 


Most of the time it was one or three days and then it was silent inside. But every time I was glad that I did this, and the karma cleaning I could felt things left my body what was no longer ME. I felt more relieved. But now we are a few weeks further and sometimes emotions come up for transformation but I no longer have negative thoughts, I have more flow and new customers after 4 sessions in my own work. I also meditate 2 times a day now with my own practices for to make the connection stronger with my higher self and consciousness field. I feel happier, loving, more confidence, balanced and no better way to go with starting my own company. Thank you, love Sandra Willems"


Rob & Monique


“My partner and I did last year 2014 together a DNA Activation including aura and karma clearing. A Better start for 2015 we couldn't have made then doing this activations. After the clearings and activations slowly a lot of things changed for us in our life. We met many new people on our road of development and also we received many new insights from this process which makes us very glad. We are now much better feeling, more inine with ourselves. Eduard takes all the time you need and we exoerienced him as a very nice and sweet person."


Rob & Monique



"Hello! My name is Petra and I'm 34 and a mother of two.. I started the Golden DNA activation in the spring of 2014, my motivation was to get a aura clearing one that would last better than any other form of healing.
Throughout my life I was always aware of my own Intuition and a empath by heart. Because of that fact I had many unbalanced energies 

and carried a lot old stuff, I was quickly influenced by others people emotions and had a hard time letting this go. The first few sessions was emotional because I had to let go of some bad energies.The first thing I noticed was that in my dreams I was left at peace and no wrong energies came and fed on my energy. Later on I felt healthier and saw my body chance in a good way, now I can hold my ground and not affected affected by others people's emotions and there's space for positive things to happen, also I'm again in touch with my higher self the thing I mist the most...

I'm glad I took this opportunity and I'm thankful for the chance...”



'"Having received a frequencies of light healing, a Golden DNA activation with auric clearing, karma clearing, and unnatural seals removal I feel lighter, clearer and much more grounded than before. My inner vision is clearer and I feel creatively inspired. This was quite recently and I feel that this is going to unfold more on the long term, but already I feel positive changes and I am very grateful to have had the chance to do this!"


"A couple months ago I did do a golden DNA activation by Eduard. The results from it was a real big cleansing process. The first cleansing was the biggest, longest and hardest. It looked like that I sponged all the energy and entities possible to get, and I had a lot off them in my aura. After the first clearing I got thru a very diffucult period. All lost and old habbits and beliefs came across. But now this time I only had to experience it, and making no big deal and drama off it anymore. Just observing and make a real connection with it. In the beginning I did make a drama out off it and my body and soul let me know that I was doing that. 

After the second session, I became much brighter, clearer, much less restless and anxient. Before the clearings and activations I was almost every day tired and afraid off everything and everyone. And now I am more at ease and in to balance. It is a proces off a couple off weeks/months. But it is  all worth it and the investment in time and money. Because it was a life changing experience for me. After the first activation I was start seeing the results off it. In the 3rd and 4th clearing my beloved friends and other people near me saw the differences. It helped me to clear my mind. It did make room for new things and opened up my consiousness on a different level.


I am really thankfull that I met Eduard in Utrecht at the Earth & beyond convention. And that he became a big part off my  live and journey. I am very thankfull and greatfull for the cleansing and activation proces.


And Eduard also did make it happen that I was in brazil last week. The shamanic journey at the Pleiadian Institute changed my life for good and in the journey I had also another aura clearing, to peal more layers off it. I learned more and more to listen to the silent voice and guidance whithin. And learned also more and more about my life purpose and met thru Eduard another part off my light family and also my shamanic roots.


The strongest thing that I learned from the dna activations and sessions is to stay focused in the now. Because Eduard works with holographic pictures and you have to focus a lot in the proces. I learnt to do that and it really worked to be in the present moment and just feel and observe what is happening in the moment.

I am you and you are me. Love and lots of love and light from a big and open loving heart."   Xxx  Lotje  AMJOURHA xxx

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