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Learn how to use the most thorough and accurate aura clearing technique on the planet this present moment. Use this for yourself, your friends, your family and your clients

   In this training you will learn:

  • How to use remote Aura Clearing for your friends, family & clients

  • How to clear all types of aura attachments and how these aura attachments affect a person's life

  • Clearing a house, building or location remotely

  • Clearing limited believe-system

  • Your multi-dimensional anatomy and the different chakras and levels of your auric field

  • Issues that result in specific chakra blockages and aura attachments

  • How to connect to your Higher self or the Higher self of another remotely and identify the presence of an aura attachment

  • How to dis-engage and transmute permanently on all levels of a person's awareness ALL aura attachments and energy blockages

  • How to perform a download from your own Higher Self so that you can EMBODY your Higher self and live in line with your soul's purpose.

  • How to perform SELF-CALIBRATION

  • How to use this Aura Clearing to manifest more abundance in your life, perform this clearings for your clients.

  • We will dive into understanding your Self better, giving guidance on any all questions or issues that may be present within Self.


   This training will include:

  • 5 webinars, and if needed, up to 6 or 7 webinars, small intimate group

  • Full explanation & practice Aura Clearing

  • Understanding the holographic nature of our Time matrix

  • Billions of time amplified Sacred Geometry Music, completely unique and developed for this sacred work (used for Aura Clearing)

  • Aura clearing of this and past lifetime's

  • Limited believes clearings

  • Karma Clearing

  • Seals Clearing

  • DNA activation's

  • Energy ceremonies

  • Clearing any lingering issues or unresolved trauma so you can be as clear for your own clients

  • During five weeks long (or more if needed) 24/7 personal guidance availability through our whatsapp group app

  • This training is required before being able to participate in the DNA Activation  Facilitator trainingThe Aura Clearing training will give a firm understanding of the technique and will give you a better understanding of your Self

Investment only 725,- Euro

(after just  5 clients you have earned your investment back plus you are helping humanity!)

Contact Eduard at to join this online and live training

You will receive a  email with all further information about the webinars, your manual and the sacred encoded music

Not having so much resources at the moment? Possible to pay installments

Aura Clearings focus on clearing the energy field or auric field. Aura, auric field or electro-magnetic field is the light body that surrounds the physical body. Most people have many unseen blockages that we can identify and remove on all 15 levels of awareness during Auric Clearing sessions. Our awareness expand to a 15 dimensional anatomy within which we have our various identities: Incarnate identity at dimensions 1-3, Soul identity at dimensions 4-6, Over Soul identity at dimensions 7-9, Avatar identity at dimensions 10-12 and Rishi Identity at dimensions 13-15.  Many people are carrying unfinished business, belief systems, thought-forms, paradigms, contracts, etc. of many of lifetimes in their soul memory. During Auric Clearings we can energetically transmute soul fragmentations in this and past lifetimes. These fragmentations and blockages are seen by clairvoyants as holes or dark areas in the auric field which represent unresolved issues and stagnated life force energy. 


The auric attachments often represent the greatest challenges in emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. This is why many people often spend years on workshops, reading self help books and they keep feeling stuck and getting themselves into the same situations. Until we permanently transmute these auric attachments from all levels multidimensional awareness including the neural networks associated with them, they will keep activating again and again. And every time they activate, we charge them with more emotional energy and they get more solidified and with a stronger magnetic frequency.


Solidified energetic blockages often manifest as diseases and the magnetic charge from these auric attachments will attract us to people, events, times and places with a similar low frequency thus making it very difficult to manifest the desired reality.


In the Auric Clearing session we scan the multidimensional light body and using scalar language and energy directing techniques and sacred code of Absolute Harmonic Universe amplified in Sacred Music, the higher universal self of Universe HU, where human experience takes place) we can communicate with person’s Higher Self and subconscious mind to permanently transmute these attachments. Then the person will recover golden soul fragments that represent pearls of wisdom from the issue being absolved and at the end of the session we make a download of new cords, new templates and new soul programming from the Higher Self. Thus, the person has a higher frequency and the reality can change by attracting people, places, times and events that resonate with the new, higher frequency.


A person's health and experience of life (a person's reality) has its basis in holographically-recorded attitudes, beliefs, and emotions and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relationships to others, and shape our world view. By removing important blockages and unwanted attachments from the "unseen" or "subtle" bodies and unplugging them from the neural networks of the brain at a quantum level, a person's life starts to change and bloom.


We are connected to Source or God through rotating fields of energy that come from Source down through the universal, galactic, planetary, and then personal energy grids. If we have blockages like occupants or portals in our bio-energetic field, then these affect our ability to accrete this energy from Source and affect our potential for at-one-ment. With these gone, we have much more energy and will be able to tap into higher dimensions of consciousness that are closest to Source. 


The Types of Auric Attachments Included In This Clearing::


  • Occupants – thoughts that believe they own your body.

  • Discarnates – disembodied souls that use you as a host.

  • Ids – unconscious identities, fractured soul fragments.

  • Negative thought forms

  • Demons – dark soulless entities that possess individuals

  • Portals – slits in your auric field that drain your energy and through which you absorb other people’s issues

  • Wormholes – parasitical drains that siphon energy from you. (Usually it is a discarnate draining you through a wormhole)

  • Limiting believes-systems and perceptions

  • Retrieving lost soul fragments


All of the sessions are energetic in nature and do not require that we have physical or verbal contact during the scheduled appointment time. 

Read Some Personal Experiences From Trainees

"I'm very grateful to have learned so much on this training with Eduard. He's such a humble but knowledgeable teacher and an amazing person who showed us that while being a teacher he's still a human. He always tells you to use your own discernment and follow your own guidance which is something I really appreciate in a teacher.

I have a lot more tools now to do energy work, on myself and others, and much more confidence in myself as a healer and as a divine being in general. After starting this training and having received various clearings and activations, actual miracles started to happen in my life. Everything got more aligned, my intuition got stronger, intentions started to manifest into reality and I started to receive clearer guidance from spirit. This training really got me mentally "back in track".

I recommend this training to anyone who wants to tap into that inner power and get more connected to their souls."

"Wow, what an enriching and profound experiential training. I have been through many energy healing trainings – but Eduardo is clearly a teacher who is a class apart. I was amazed with such simplistic, transformative, and empowering training sessions. Very comprehensive and cohesive healing techniques. You will surely experience new clarity, insights, and clearings in a safe, sacred space, more than rare to find these days. Excellent hands on training and practice sessions. Eduard is a phenomenal teacher, very generous, witty, and sensitive. You laugh, you learn, you practice, you share, you cry, you grow, you heal. A beautiful metamorphosis in a short time and gift of profound tools. Thank you, Eduard, for this incredibly unique service and enlightenment you bring forth in your training."
-Richa Joy

"I am totally astonished by the impact of the Aura Clearing Training given by Eduard. Not only can I feel an immediate life changing impact for myself but also for my first clients. The training opened up a whole new fascinating world and power within me. I am extremely grateful for Eduard's work and effort. At all times, he has supported us with excellent training, real-life anecdotes, joyful jokes while allowing for a powerful interpersonal connection between him and all students. I'm very thankful for Eduard's approach of not rushing and taking all the time needed to complete every step of the training in the best way possible. Besides, we got basically 24/7 support to ask relevant questions and get extra input while we practiced. Moreover, the group has been an amazing source of wisdom, support and joy. I highly recommend this training to anyone who resonates with Eduard's work. Much love, Steffen"

"I loved this Aura Clearing training! I was looking for an effective tool to use on myself and others and I am so happy I did this training. The techniques are not difficult but very powerful. And beside the clearings you also receive activations and a lot of things happened after that. I feel more connected with myself and others, more balanced and I have a better and deeper understanding of things. And I even had two clients after, so amazing. It is great to learn how you can connect to your higher self and someone else's higher self. This course gave me more confidence and clarity on things in my life where I struggled a bit.

Eduard is an amazing guy. He has a nice way of explaining things with a lot of lightness and humor and I laughed and learned a lot. He creates a safe space and the dynamics in the group were great. There is always time for personal issues or struggles and Eduard can feel into these things very easily and is always spot on. He is always available for questions, even after the course. That is something very valuable.

I received also a lot of positive feedback when I did a clearing on others so it really works. So thank you Eduard, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I can not wait for the next training, the DNA Activation Facilitator Training! Much love, Bianca"

"I followed both the Aura Clearing and the DNA Activation Training with Eduard, which included all the clearings and activations on myself at the start of the Aura Clearing training.

The reason for me to join was an intense two-year-period of stress & exhaustion. While recovering from that I felt that I wanted an energetic reset in order to overcome my unhealthy patterns, tap into my potential and to create a different reality in my life.

I very much enjoyed the way Eduard was giving these trainings. Easy going, with an immense knowledge, humbleness, generosity and a good sense of humor. And beautiful deep clearings.

The exercise sessions with other group members helped me to deepen my practice as well as feeling more secure during the clearings. It was also a beautiful way of getting to know the others better.

I was always a bit sad when the trainings came to an end. I felt very much well supported and accompanied by Eduard and the group.

When I started the trainings I was in a process to start my own business, but I felt a lot of negative beliefs and fear about showing myself with my knowledge and my offers. Due to the clearings and activations I managed to work myself through many of these difficult emotions and limiting beliefs, recognizing the story behind my patterns and transform them bit by bit. A work in progress, with beautiful and impressive processes... leading me to be myself, to stop justifying, more self-power, freedom, responsibility and joy.

I'm deeply grateful for Eduard, his work and his trainings and I'm curious to see myself unfold...

Thank you Eduard, with love, Caroline."

"Just completed the Aura Clearing training with Eduard Eieyani Franckena from Chintamania. I have been experimenting with all kind of stuff for more than 15 years... some was beneficial, some was not (understanding that is equally important). It feels a bit like going to school and moving through each grade... each year different teachers, more advanced books, more complex lessons. However there is a point in time when you (hopefully) want to graduate from schools and universities and teachers, and just live under your inner guidance as much as possible, occasionally engaging in continuing education.


As you know, a dirty lamp doesn't shine brightly... in essence, all tools should help you clear the dirt so that the light can fully shine. Some tools work better than others, some go deeper, some are stronger, some last longer. One day I truly believe we will have the power to clear and heal just with our thought/intention. Not there yet... This last year my toolbox was mostly meditation with my higher self, nature, dancing and breathwork. In addition to that, this Aura Clearing training has taught me how to use multidimensional light and sound language to clear the clutter at all levels and connect even more to my own source.

During the training you undergo several clearings and DNA activations, then you learn how to perform that on yourself and others (if desired). Very supportive, funny (yes, that is an important indicator of spiritual growth) and just beautiful loving soul Eduard will patiently answer the zillion questions generated by your frustrated mind and challenge you to let go of all learning and belief systems (even his own hehe).

What has changed?
Words are limiting the experience, however... learned an accurate way to communicate with my higher self, a lot more space inside (i was struggling with certain emotional heavy stones for years), being more present in the body and living in the moment, trusting what unfolds. Manifesting faster. Expanded perception of this world beyond duality, feeling more rooted in love, compassion and acceptance (also for those i judged as undeserving). Many patterns deactivated, seeing clearly the roles i used to play to get attention/affection and rewriting deeply ingrained beliefs. In a way I've also befriended my subconscious and we go out more often now. Hopefully it will turn into a long term thriving relationship.
I have also practiced this clearing on several friends and hearing their experiences filled me with joy and gratitude that it really works.

If this resonates with you, I recommend reading more on Chintamania website and maybe check out the next training starting this September" - Irina

"Eduard keeps things light in the darkness, he is a knowledgeable teacher that keeps it real and always bringing you back to being humble in the process. I found the teaching model practical, intuitive and in essence of being at home with your family from all over the world. We had a small intimate group and connected weekly through virtual teachings. Not only did we learn how to do Aura clearings, we had massive personal clearings gifted to us from Eduard, and we always practiced between us as well depending on the mood of the group that day. I have had many realization since practicing the aura clearing, I no longer seek for affirmation of other people's understanding of how the divine works, I have deeper connection to my healing sessions with my clients and they naturally accept and relate to my findings and even are wanting to know why things are happening to them. This is what I've really wanted, clients who are ready to heal and move forward and be there to assist them through some of it.


This aura clearing technology has such a sweetness to it yet at the same time does not mess around with the clearings, it has its own intelligence and only needs commands to activate it. I use it everyday just about and really enjoying moving through emotions quickly. Looking forward to the second level of the course and highly recommend Eduard as a practitioner and teacher." - Maya

"Had an amazing Aura Clearing Training with beautiful souls. Its not just training its Clearings and Activations all in one. Felt intense & deep sensations of healing and release during the sessions. Eduard always provided us detailed explanations and solutions every single time for our questions. He has been really incredible and honest!

I feel completely different person, so free and filled with unconditional love. All thanks to Eduard for helping me to turn on my inner light.

I would definitely recommend the training to anyone looking for a major upgrade.

💗Thanks again, much love and light to all- Daksha!"

The Chintamania Aura Clearing training by Eduard Franckena has really enriched my life and my energetic healing work, more than I thought it would. I have been doing healing sessions for 12 years now and integrate cellular / DNA reprogramming techniques to the work I do intuitively and through my Higher Self and Source connection. There are so many methods and courses out there, but I’m very sensitive to what resonates with me or not. The Aura Clearing training felt attractive to me because it also includes Source and Higher Self, but I had to dive a bit deeper into it to feel what it was about. At first I thought it was only about the aura and I felt I was already working beyond that concept of auras and chakras. It was then that I learnt that it was way more than that, it is actually a 15 dimensional bio-energetic field clearing method, and a very specific one at that! I understood Eduard’s point that most of the blocks we have is actually in our physical body and physical energy field, as this is where we are having this human experience in the first place. It makes sense that these physical energy centers will reveal which blocks, traumas, beliefs, misaligned energies are stored there, and what kind of attachments, entities, energetic chords, old identifications and so on are also present, or sometimes even hiding in certain corresponding  dimensional layers of the energy field. So I decided to experience this for myself and see how it works and if I would benefit from it.

The training is so beautifully composed and I felt a lot of resonance with the truths that vibrate within me, but I also learnt many new things as well. I notice that I can now be even more specific during my sessions because I can see more, and therefore the releasing and clearing of old programming’s, patterns and belief systems is very effective.

I didn’t tell many people I was doing this training because I wanted to see how it would unfold first. Even when I just started it people were telling me that they could feel that my energy had shifted in a positive clear and grounded way. Individuals and small groups who experienced the sessions said the added dimensions of clearing to the energy work and light language I already used made it extra effective and powerful and gave them new insights and made them feel empowered themselves.

Eduard really takes great care of his trainees. He emphasized the importance of working with a clear Higher Self connection and taught us a new technique of how to feel the communication from our Higher Self in a fast way that is free from human analytical mind projection. He encouraged us to work on each other during the training and to gain confidence by just practicing. We could ask any and as many questions as we wanted to, and he answered them all with clarity. This training is a gift to yourself most all, to those around you like friends and family who you can offer your support to, and a wonderful addition to expand the energetic work you may already be practicing. Love, Kaiyann

"The first healing work that I did with Eduard I guess it was in last year October with one free aura clearing that he made. Looking, how much my life has changed and how much how I changed inner and outer. Sometimes seems like I'm a other person living in the same body. Across all this months all my fears gone away, I'm capable of touching in "happiness field" and feel what is really happiness (or maybe just a little bit more true happiness), in reality it is impossible to write everything that changed in me but I had huge cleanings, activations and awakenings, even after everything I did with him I still feeling much things happening in my body, for example, two weeks ago some DNA Strands started activating. In December I did the Accelerated Empowerment Webinar, which is the Aura, Karma and J-Seals clearings and DNA Activations, and I remember that at 20th January my last fear has gone, a lot happen during the clearings and like I already said all of that continues to happen. 2 months ago, I guess, I did the aura clearing training and it's easy to start doing it but has soon we start mastering it is amazing how deep and powerful it can be and how much things it can be applied.


Now I'm doing the clearings and activations under the name for the Portuguese, Brazilian and all other Portuguese speakers, I only released the website 3 weeks ago but I already had amazing feedback for the people who experienced the aura clearing. And other amazing thing is that you don't need to open business with that, you can just master it for help your friends and family and you really will because this is very powerful. And maybe the most important thing is who give you this training, Eduard is simple an amazing guy, he explain everything in a simple way and at the same time deep, in other words, he can explain what is hard to innerstand in easy simple terms, and above all that is a friend who can really understand and help. If you feel you should learn don't hesitate, just go, you won't regret!
Feeling fear, anger and all the derivatives of that is not natural as we think they are, and when we let them go is amazing how much we can change and start really living our lives. Bernardo"

"What an amazing Aura Clearing Training I received from Eduard/Go Osh! It’s in fact a Training, Clearing and Activation in one! The powerful commands are still reverberating in all my bodies and DNA. I feel like an endless being.. I noticed that the sessions worked on improving my grounding, really a recurrent theme for me, which is very important since I do energetic work myself. Since I started the Training I notice my healings started shifting. Energies flow through more fluently. I’m clearing up stuff from the past and also the sacred geometry in my auric field has been reset, making it possible for me to attain higher levels of light and consciousness. It really feels like coming back to my original blueprint and soul! I want to thank you Go Osh, you’re an experienced, funny and humble teacher! I can recommend everybody who feels drawn tot his work to go for it. Get yourself cleared and guide others in this process as well. What an an amazing journey in the illusion called life 😉 A Big Thank You!! ~ Esther"

"I am very happy, that I could attend the Aura Clearing Training with Eduard. He guided us very friendly and gave us always as much space & time as we needed. Eduard is always open for questions and is ready to support us at any time. I have received an Aura Clearing from Eduard before and I could feel the tremendous power of it already back then. The Training though allowed me to deepen and intensify my connection to my higher self. I became more sensitive and my intuition and trust is stronger now. It helps much during my learning process. The training showed me how strong the power of words and intention is together with the encoded high frequency music. Also that everyone can learn to get correct answers to any question. These all are very useful tools for living really. I would recommend this training not just for professionals as a therapy but also as a great way of self development. Thank you very much Eduard! Petra"

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