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A Word on... Ascension, Where one will Ascend to?

There is not straight answer to this question for all life forms. But the truth to the answer is that the personal template coding, the personal belief system a life forms choices to hold onto will determine what they experience once they remove their consciousness from the Earth reality field. This has always been the truth and will always be the truth. Life forms experience as their reality field what is shinning forth from their template to allow them to experience. It is impossible for any life form to experience anything that is not coded into their template. The amount of Source energy that is able to be turned on within the personal template will always determine the thoughts the life form can hold and therefore the reality field they will experience and co-create. There exist mass levels of consciousness, or mass levels of people on planet Earth that continue to hold onto false thoughts and false ideas about creation and therefore there are levels of mass consciousness that continue to co-create reality fields to experience that will support what they choose to believe to be true.

Choose wisely your thoughts and beliefs <3

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