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The Importance of Self Love For healers & Energy Therapists

In healing facilitation, Love is the essential ingredient. All love begins with the Divinity within the Self. You will be able to transmit the frequency of love to others in direct proportion to your ability to hold the frequency of love within yourself. In other words being non-judgmental. If you do not recognize your intrinsic value as a Divine Being, and seek validation of your existence through external sources such as achievements, status or other approvals, you will likewise project these sentiments into your love and relationships with others. If a client does not meet the external standards of validation that you have placed on yourself to determine your personal worthiness of love, you will have difficulty not falling into judgment of the client.

Judgment and love cannot transmit through the human body at the same time. Judgment creates an energy reality of separation or Non-resonant Frequencies of energy, whereas Love creates the Co-resonance Frequencies needed for open flow of God energies for healing facilitation. If one can realize that LOVE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT and that all conditions of judgment change, it is easier to cultivate the innate ability to fully hold the frequency of love which has no judgment. Through assessment of conditions, actions or attitudes is useful and necessary, such assessments can be rendered through “separating the person from the action”. You can judge the effectiveness of value of the action or idea without assigning a valued judgment to whom it is attached.

If the healing facilitator can feel love, reverence, respect and honor for the Divinity within themselves, they will also transmit these qualities of excellence in Love to the client. The quality of Love brought into the healing facilitation experience will directly affect the success of healing assistance given. Love the Self and know that all beings possess an unalienable worth and value as a living part of the Divine. Begin to cultivate this awareness within your personal life and you will greatly increase your effectiveness as a healing facilitator. Love, honor and respect yourself, your feelings, your dreams and your desires without valued judgment, so you may better love those you wish to serve.


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