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Guided Meditations & Activation Journeys


Tailered specially with activations and frequencies, best to read descriptions before use.

Kryst Code Activation (new codes & energies)

New upgraded Kryst Code Activation!

Intentions are: Creating Infinite Love, Peace, Balance, Health, Connectedness, Care, Wellbeing, Security, Durability, Abundance, Purity, Joy, Integrity and Cooperation in Freedom and Real Truth, and So We All Be One and Back To our Original Blueprint and Source. We can remind all of the reality it is perfect, harmonious and loved. Ready to step into the original blueprint and source.

Download for free energy encoded images & music at Divine Tools:

Complete Health - Healing Audio

This Complete Health Quantum Audio Journey contains all high energy superfoods, antioxidants, Divine Codes, Seals Removal, and energetic body, mind & spirit health-supporting quantum signatures.


This is a gift from us to you, so that you may become in your own authenticity, that your birth-right of pure health and love be manifested.

Click on Read More button and download the full high quality wav audio file for free! Much more effective and powerful compared to streaming!

Higher Self Activation

You are invited on a journey to your authentic self, guided by a 47 minutes soundscape and divine codes from the Primal Rays of Creation, which are embedded within the music. A deep loving soul journey, supporting the embodiment of your multidimensional self, also referred to as Higher Self.

Helping you to dive deeper into your innermost being. Realizing, that we are eternal, light beings, having this wonderful experience we call life. Try to feel the sounds, and the energies encoded within, with your whole body, let yourself guide you to where you want to go, experience all that you are experiencing, be the observer in this adventurous soundscape. Learn how to innerstand your Higher Self guidance.
I am Eternal, I Am God, I Am Free, The Higher Self that is You.

Tree of Life - Kryst Code Activation

What is the Tree of life - Kryst Code? The Kathara grid which is also called the Kryst Code, is the inner tree of life, which is the form holding template and regulates your DNA coding, and this DNA holds what realities you can experience. This grid is connected with the planetary and universal Kathara Grids, so we are truly connected with each and everything. Now this activation means we are setting the distorted inner tree (the false cabala, tree of life, flower of life, metatronic deception) back to the original form holding template, the Kryst Code. This activation supports that you can link back from the host matrix to the original soul Matrix.

Finding Your Star Name Meditation

Beautiful meditation to find your soul name on the highest level of your multidimensional awareness.

This meditation is made specially by Alloya and Eduard Franckena (Energy DJ) to let you connect to your highest part of your self and find your true name which is made out of pure vibrations. The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques and orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise, nature sounds and brainwaves.


New Earth Meditation

A meditation to ground yourself with the new energy grids within the earth and stabilize your hologram into the new earth called Gaia.

The music is encoded with high frequencies, subtle energy, sacred coding and energy imprinted white noise. This meditation is to aid you and Gaia in the shift to a New Earth. A lot of chaos right now, it is important to have clear fields and ongoing source downloads, so we can contribute to the new earth Gaia.

Starship Meditation

Guided meditation onboard a starship to meet your multi dimensional guides assisting you in your personal development.


Download starcodes given to you and upgrade your dna and reality. The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques and orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise and brainwaves. This meditation will aid in raising your awareness in today's present stellar activation ascension cycle.

Alina's Heart Song

Children and adults will love this short story, created and encoded with pure energy that will ignite your Divine Light on many levels. May you enjoy dancing to the music of your own Heart Song.


Created & narrated by Kaiyann Isa –

Produced & energized with Divine Codes – Divine Tools 

Illustration artist – Lidy Muijsers 


This story is for everyone and its free, share it with anyone you feel will enjoy it and benefit from it.

Golden Liquid Light Meditation

Daily meditation to download golden liquid light into your body. The liquid light is the highest for you to embody at this present moment.

The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques and orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise, nature sounds and brainwaves. Activation higher self download is included. The meditation will aid in embracing your multi dimensional self and be inline with your divine mission. Each day you ask, to integrate all that you are here in this body, will infuse you with new cords, new soul templates and new programming from your higher self.


Obsidian Light Meditation - Clearing Archons

Please read the description here. Find more information about the Archons on article page and in this article written by Alloya. 


The music is produced by Nykkyo ENERGY DJ and Atati. Nykkyo Energy DJ is the Project from Eduard Franckena. He added quantum techniques with orgonite & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise, nature sounds and brainwaves. The music is 432 hz tuned and aura clearing commands & codes specially made for clearing archons and entities are contained within.

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