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The Cycle of the Kryst

Why it is now a time of healing? What is happening to ourselves and Earth? What are our CHOICES? Does healing happen by itself? Please read a brief history of our past, the structure of energy, the possible future for you, who came here to assist you and Earth.

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The "battle for energy" in our time matrix has now almost ended. Planet Earth and the entire time matrix has now entered into a "Healing Time Cycle" that is called "The Cycle of the Kryst". The word Kryst is the highest sound tone expression of the energy of Source. Therefore, The Cycle of the Kryst is a Healing Cycle in which all life forms in the time matrix can now access more of Source energy to allow the desired healing any life form is able to experience.

Why has the battle for energy ceased and why has the time matrix and planet Earth been able to "shift" into the New Healing Cycle of the Kryst?

The answer to this question involves understanding many dynamics of energy and it may not be possible for you to understand as well if you have not yet integrated any of the information held within the dimensions and your DNA is not able to receive the wisdom but the concepts will be stepped down for you as much as is possible to assist your understanding. Simply stated, Earth and its life forms have now shifted into a higher energetic time cycle as a result of the desire of Source to heal ItSelf.

Because Krystic Races from connecting time matrices (Krystal River Host) had opened their gate connections to our time matrix to assist our time matrix in being able to retain the ability to receive the higher energy of Source, this allowed planet Earth and Its life forms to continue to hold steady in energy accretion instead of loosing energy in the higher grid wars the fallen life forms were promoting in an attempt to force planet Earth into black hole fall status.

A fallen life form or reality field occurs when a critical mass damage has occurred to the Divine Template called the Kathara Grid and such critical mass damage will no longer allow the Divine Template the ability to receive the Eternal Life Sustaining energy of Source. Fallen races had continued to network together to join forces and combine their reversed, distorted energy supply in an effort to force planet Earth into a reverse spin and align with the gate connection of their fallen black hole systems and then allow them to drag planet Earth into their black hole system

Because Krystic Races of the Krystal River Host assisted by continuing to supply the Higher Energy Flows of Source through their gate network, planet Earth was able to be held high enough in energy accretion even though fallen life forms were trying to steal that energy and force planet Earth to drop in energy accretion. As a result, planet Earth was able to continue to rise higher energy along something called the Krystal Spiral.

Information concerning the Krystal Spiral compares it to the Fibonacci Spiral (sometimes called the Fib-of-no-chi Spiral) and that consciousness would follow one of the 2 Spirals in their return path to At-One-Ment with Source but the ability to choose which path is always based on the amount of Source energy that the life form can access within themselves. Consciousness would choose either the Krystal Spiral, which is the Organic Creation allowing for expansion or the Fib-of-no-chi spiral being an inorganic creation that consumes everything in its path in order to expand.

On December 21, 2012 a Stellar Alignment occurred that brought into alignment Stellar Gates expanding upward through the frequency bands of the time matrix. Because Earth was now able to hold more energy of Source, Earth was able to receive the final 3 of the 12 Reuche’ Pillars. The Reuche’ is the Organic Divine Blueprint of First Creation of Pure Source Consciousness. This allowed the planet the ability to receive a Higher Infusion of Source energy but not only planet Earth. This Higher Infusion of Source energy was received throughout the entire time matrix and shifted the entire time matrix into the New Healing Cycle of the Kryst.

The structural damage that had occurred to the template of planet Earth and to the higher expressions of planet Earth would not allow the template of these structures to be able to receive a High Infusion of Source energy but because the Reuche’ Pillars could then anchor from the highest to the lowest frequency bands, this has allowed all aspects of Earth in this time matrix to begin the process of healing the template structure damage that has been encountered during the grid wars

Because there are incarnate on planet earth life forms that hold higher template coding called Indigo's that will allow them to activate 24 – 48 DNA strands or up to 48 frequency bands of energy, once they remove their consciousness from the Angelic Human Prototype form through organic process, these life forms carry in their DNA template the coding for up to 48 frequency bands of energy. This allowed planet earth to receive a "Gift from Source" of a brand new Shield that the 24 – 48 DNA strand life forms are coded to. A brand new shield was received unto Earths planetary body because these life forms are incarnate on planet Earth and played their role as the "energy receivers" to allow this New Higher Shield to anchor into Earth's Planetary Template.

Such a higher infusion of Source energy creates a "leap in time" and is like slightly turning the dial on a radio. This leap in time has allowed planet Earth to "shift" slightly and therefore shift out of alignment with anything that was previously in alignment with fallen life forms and fallen life forms black hole systems.

This leap in time has now allowed planet Earth and its life forms to return to the status of "Ascension Able", which means planet earth is once again an Ascension Planet. The Higher Shield that planet Earth has now received will allow more of Source energy to remain available to planet Earth and will allow the planet to heal as well as the life forms on the planet who desire to heal. they desire and follow an ascension path of return.

The Gift the planet has now received from Source will allow the life forms of planet Earth the ability to "choose" to co-create a more balanced reality field to experience but a dual reality field will continue to run on Earth and support all life forms and therefore all life forms choices. This will create pockets or groups of people who will continue to seek and find each other and desire to work "together" to co-create a more balanced structure to experience but those who desire or cannot yet rise high enough in energy and rewrite their DNA in-formation and angular spin to allow for such thoughts, will continue to go about their paradigm of control and warring.

This means it is of the highest importance for the life forms that desire to heal and co-create a more balanced reality to wake up and remember that they are Source Embodied, how their energetic structure works and what they can personally co-create in the desire to heal.

Desire for healing alone will not allow a rapid healing process to unfold as the process is dependent on the amount of energy of Source that any individual life form can open and hold open within themselves. The thoughts a life form carries plays a major role in the process of healing and until a life form can begin to remember how the process occurs within themselves, they will continue to allow themselves to be influenced by the thoughts of the old, lower energetic paradigm.

The breadth of information and guidance carried through by the 24-48 strands Indigo’s continues to be highly suggested by Krystic Guardian Races as assistance in personal template healing. These programs the indigo’s carry and give in many training's and healing modalities give with them understanding of many layers of personal anatomy and how to remember to regain control over ones personal template structure and co-create personal healing.

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