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Feedback customers:


"This morning I received the spray of Eduard Franckena. After unpacking, read the instructions, put an intention and sprayed. Like lightning it hit me. I felt it and now hours later still I do. A huge opening in my crown chakra, which pervaded to and through my heart. And literally felt my frequency went up. With immediately focus on the now and the need to following my breath. I am deeply impressed and surprised. Therapy spray in a bottle!"



"I totally agree with the reaction of this person!! I thought it was in depth experience, like I told Eduard, a great feeling and a must try for everyone!!"



"Yes! What a stunning impact! Very nice vibe! Descends quietly down on people I tried it together with. Felt it deeply. Breathing from your belly area where it opens up to the world around you...
Beautiful silence in our company from which sprang something new..."

"had wonderful results with your spray during a previous workshop. There was a woman who had selected a partner in the workshop with whom there was a nice connection, but she couldn't even touch the other without feeling sick. It turned out that they both exactly on the same places had a lot of trauma imprints (and apparently entities that hooked up with the traumas. Then I felt what to do, while I let them try it further, and then suddenly your spray came to mind. Did they both have a nice 'shower' and from one moment to the next the whole problem was solved and she was able to continue giving the sessions without any problems."

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The Power of Love


After working years as a therapist I wanted to see a quicker way to heal and influence the world to a more stable and loving state. Now after 2 years of discovering how to make this happen finally here 1 of the first products that can put people into their own power, their own healing power!


I can explain you how actually this works, what is the science behind it. There is indeed a lot of science behind it but to tell you how it this works in detail I can write a small book about it. Lets say everything has a core frequency song, this frequency is no sound or light but for this instance it comes from The Primal Sound Field (which is an in-audible field), the field just before source itself where everything is just created as an impulse or signature frequency. From this state, light is created, from light to matter and thus our reality. From this Field we can change our reality, the several different Primal Sound Field codings, which are amplified millions of times, are contained in the bottle and in the label. This in very basic explanation.


Better, instead to know how it works, we can better ask how do we work with it? There is actually no limit what is possible, it is just like peeling the onion of everything that is not you! The work I do can now be done by people themselves, of course this goes slower and less thoroughly than done with a personal session with me as they need to understand what actually is in their way of development or what they want to fulfill in their lives. And of course I am not talking about having a fancy new car or the likes, but to put your mission and passion into this world and fulfill your soul purpose.


So what can be cleared or activated? First of all to be present in the moment of now, to ground yourself. Nothing is better than being in the now. Being free of past story and trauma will be not making your future based upon your past. This realization is needed to step into your own power. Do not hold on anymore! The spray can assist you, it is your choice and your life, the spray is an help in this, just a magnificent tool but you choose your life!











So here a short list of what can be cleared and activated with your intent and spray:


  • Clear aura attachments in this or past lifetime's

  • Clear karmic imprints in this or past lifetime's

  • Clear blocks & limited believesystems

  • To ground higher self in your body & to be in the now

  • Activate your dormant dna & potential

  • Activate your heart and natural loving state

  • Can be used also to clear spaces, used for therapy work, etc

  • and the list is limitedless...



Some guiding information


So many things left to explain but the purpose is that you discover what can be done, you in your own power and one day without any tools or outside help, you becoming the master of yourself. So here we start with INTENT. Intent is all what is needed to activate the codes within the bottle and on the label. Remember there is no limit to what you can do, but go by steps, do not tackle immediately all your life's problems, but start to see first what it is that is blocking you layer by layer, if you can not see what is blocking you, you can do an intent to clear the blockages that are stopping you from seeing what is blocking you. You see? It is also finding out what is in your way. This technique will not make you depended on another healer anymore but you will learn how to become your true self by yourself with your own realizations.



The following phrases will set the right intent using the right words, you can your use your own words and this is just an example, do not stay on rules, try and find out new techniques if you are feeling to do another way. Take some deep breaths, become present now, focus. Doing a little ritual before can make you more at ease and focused.


Clearing blocks

"It is commanded in the name of Divine Love that the power of love (spray) will be used to clear all blockages on  ... (my chakra(s), you can specify location if you know it) related to ..... (your problem, issue, health, limited believe, etc) will be cleared permanently on all levels of my awareness in the best way possible for me and inline with the highest good for all involved. As it is spoken, so it is done"


Clearing aura

"It is commanded in the name of Divine Love that the power of love will be used to clear all auric attachments and unintended creations on all levels of my awareness (you can add specific chakra or all of them) and activate .... (chakra(s)) to its/their highest holding frequency potential and original divine function in the best way possible for me and inline with the highest good for all involved. As it is spoken, so it is so done"



"It is commanded in the name of Divine Love that the power of love (spray) will be used to activate my .... (dna, happiness, health, abundance, etc) to its original highest frequency potential and function on all levels of my awareness in the best way possible for me and inline with the highest good for all involved. As it is spoken, so it is done"


A simple intent will do too, you do not need these commands, find your own words, feelings and system if that is feeling right for you.


Remember, do things step by step, do not clear all your life problems at once. Be kind to yourself, if you let yourself down because you did not keep up to your own expectations, do not fall into the trap of low vibration feelings of guilt but be aware and observe your feelings.


And with everything you clear there will be integration time, it is same with everything once you are in higher vibration, all that does not vibrate at that level will come out and so also what you have cleared. Drink a lot of water, know that feelings or situations will come up but are only there to let go, do not hold on or think again in self doubt why this is happening to you, be aware, observe and let go.


Special music digital and hardcopy is released with even more powerful coding which if used together with the spray will even get quicker and better results. More information & downloads here


Ingredients: scalar wave codes from higher self of this universe, Primal Sound Field signature frequencies, Torsion Field technology, intention and the use of selected fine essentiel oils rosemary cloves calamus chempaka tangerine lavandin camphor sage vanilla arve den and palo santo.





For questions or orders:

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"I am very much a HSP, to open, difficulties to ground and close myself for surrounding energies and influences, so I never feel at ease or rested at all. Feeling like you are being lived when you know this can be also differently in truth. Too much debris in me to get to the core. After unpacking and put it in the living room that night (without spraying) all my and our relationship issues discussed individually and relationally, in openness and comfort without any heavy load! I doubted whether I would be able to sleep if I would spray before going to bed (maybe I would sleep worse and did not want to take that risk). But I did, my intention was "balance"... I get up in the morning and felt strange, I felt "normal" and that is really strange for me ... there is always one issue which I get quickly triggered by or need to think over and over again ... now I was clear! I felt myself "observer without judgment" and was aware of how many I am judging myself and world in the past.... I even got a bit to see the bright side of life, things that give me joy. This is new for me, scary but happily bliss and with a bit of grief.... cause 40 years I just looked to the shadow of life.... "Is this inner war over?" as if I walk out the emotional ruins and finally really see and feel light...! and the spray smells good too!"

"I had one of the first bottles which were not labeled. When I got one send over on later date I was still very curious (and slightly skeptical) and I could feel a difference from using before. Unlabeled I could feel good when I set my intention, it opened my chakra's and the connection to 'above' became stronger. Against my expectations, this effect was greatly enhanced when the label was once stuck on the bottle. Once I take the bottle in my hand, I feel a high energy vibration through my palm to my heart. From there I can feel all the energy channels open in my body. By expressing an intention, and spraying I feel a kind of 'bliss' coming over me. I can feel it very clear that my state of being changed for a long lasting time, and that was my intention which I focused on. Can only say that the spray is a great support for building consciousness and awareness!"

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Kirrilian Photography test on the auric field, only 15 seconds later taken after first spraying you can see immediate results already. If used over a longer time the auric and energetic fields improve to their highest state
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