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Accelerated Empowerment Webinar

The only way to change your reality and the world is to change your inner reality. You cannot shift an external manifestation without changing the internal vibrational source.

(Discontinued this training, all and more will be provided in the Aura Clearing Training & the DNA Activation Facilitator Training)


Through my personal unique way and system which integrates all my learning and knowledge, I offer you a series of webinars to upgrade your life, deprogram distorted conditioning and negative thought patterns, activate your potential and become in your life’s mission. Many people asked me for the knowledge, practice and my state awareness to a way to transfer this to them, so they can use this in their own life’s.


This is for people who want transformation breakthrough and get rid of years of distorted conditioning. This is ONLY for people who are ready and choosing consciously to make a shift. Who choose new life but are still stuck somehow because of conditioning programs, shadow self or blind spots. For who want to know more about our reality, how thoughts shape reality and the underlying construct, how you change the inner frequency to change the outer experience of life. Understanding the dynamics of reality and most of all how to use this in your life. Get self empowered by learning how to keep yourself and your surrounding clear of any energy entanglements.


We will also focus on identifying and clearing negative programs, believes, and negative thought forms affecting your life. Clearing karmic programs and activate your 12 strand DNA. When you are able to access higher frequencies with the lower distortions gone, you will quicker understand new knowledge and are able to access higher truths by your own connection with source.


This webinar will include:

  • Educational awareness

  • Aura clearing of this and past lifetimes

  • Karma clearing of this and past lifetime’s including ancestral karma

  • Seals (implants) clearing

  • DNA activation to increase the amount of higher frequencies you can hold in your DNA

  • Energy ceremonies

  • Meditations


You will get to learn:

  • Holographic Universe, what this means in your life

  • How our reality works including higher and lower dimensions

  • How to change your reality around you

  • Keeping yourself clear, clearing energy entanglements

  • Clear your surrounding and house

  • Make conscious contact with your Higher Self

  • Learn about your life’s mission

  • New insights about the nature of reality

You will receive:

  • Audio signature with Primal Sound Fields Coding for clearing space & yourself. This is a unique encoded energy tool and does not exist elsewhere.

Become a better version, more YOU, in a loving reality and embody your purpose through the unique energetic awareness exercises and experiences, guided meditations, visualizations, healing ceremonies, optical pineal induction code transmissions, and transmute your limited programming on all levels of your awareness. Opening up to love as love is only real.

Any questions will be answered by Eduard, his guides and your own higher self. And we take all time needed to answer any questions to may arise.

This webinar has limited seats.

Costs: 200,- euro

(this is extremely low cost, normally a 6 sessions of aura, karma, seals and DNA activation only, costs 450,- euro. plus you are getting all other mentioned topics, healings, knowledge, clearing energy tools and you being able to start using it for yourself).

No certificate or such will be given, there is no need for outside approval of your own power that you are able. Only you and your commitment can!

For registrations and/or questions email:

Eduard @

Participants personal experiences previous AEW's

"My experience with the Accelerated Self-Empowerment Webinar was deeply transformative! Right from the first class there was an Aura Clearing and it only went up from there! Even now weeks after the last webinar I am still benefiting from the healing and not only that but I now have the tools to heal myself (hence the "self" empowerment). I've also noticed a much faster, more connected flow of positive things coming into my life on all levels since the webinars. Eduard is a great teacher, always explaining things as thoroughly as possible, leaving room for any questions, and never in a rush. If you're ready for real "accelerated" growth on your spiritual journey, and just in life overall, then this Accelerated Self-Empowerment Webinar class is for you.

Thank you Eduard for all your help and support during this process. I have greatly benefited from working with you and am so glad I invested in this opportunity to heal and grow. It was more than worth it!"


"It was a life changing experience that brought me a lot of discoveries about myself and the world. I became more aware of the choices I can make my everyday life, which helps to consciously make more loving decisions stepping out from old patterns of behavior. Apart from a good theoretical background we have been also provided with codes and techniques that we could apply ourselves. With Eduard's kind guidance and support to each of the attendees - the seminar felt much more like individual sessions where everybody's questions were always addressed. I would recommend these seminars to everyone who wants to get in touch with their inner wisdom and grow spiritually."


"The day after the last webinar all the colors and senses felt really intense. The trees, the experience of being in nature. Like I was completely open. For example; I really could feel the difference in energy between walking underneath a tree, and walking underneath open sky. And also so sensitive in meditation, like with doing the 12d shield meditation, I could feel the Merkeba vibrating on all my chakra's...Noticing some habits are fading away... started smoking again a few months ago and now after the last webinar the smoking seems not so attractive anymore, my urge to it is gone..

Feel more satisfied with my life, focused on the love between me and my son. Focused on the things I like to do. Not worrying about what I should do...After last webinar I was asked to reply to a vacancy for a really cool job... something I dream of for a long time. This Wednesday is the job interview! But the bigger issues which are triggering some fears are still difficult. Like the job interview triggers some fears... or some issues with a friend. Seem to get stuck in some feelings there and takes some time to deal with it. The realization that I am the creator is not that familiar enough, takes some time I guess."


"I followed the Accelerated Empowerment Webinar in October 2016. I had already done a few sessions with Eduard one or two years ago. The Webinar is an easily accessible way to work on patterns and to clear old energy that is stuck and preventing you from moving forward. You consciously get in touch with your higher self and learn to actively tackle situations, physical places, relationships, etc by actively clearing your part in those equations. Nice music and visuals while being in guided meditations. There have definitely been shifts in my perceptions, some big "aha" moments and some patterns have shown themselves. Though not all information given is clear to me, I could feel the effects of what we were doing, it would keep working through my system during the week. Eduard is a beautiful person who puts a lot of effort in making every attendant to the webinar feel heard, and giving plenty of feedback to them as well."


"I was feeling stuck, like i wasn't enjoying anything I was doing and didn't find inspiration and joy to do something for myself.
When I did join the webinars there was a lot I knew and a lot of 'aha' moments. A lot fell in it's place. Also I knew I had entities in my energetic field, I didn't realize it was so many! I felt them go away as you cleared them out. The next day I could smile again, but really smile again. Not a forced smile, but from my heart. After the webinars, I really needed to sleep a lot! And now, I have more energy then ever before! I have inspiration, energy for action, I feel great and also I noticed that I have an intense relationship with my crystals. I can feel their vibration and it's effect on me and it is really awesome! I have instant manifestations, I only have to ask the universe and it is given! I am more grounded than ever before and I don't pull negative energies towards me anymore, isn't that great? So my energy is always clear and my contact with my higher self is so strong, I just know what is good for me and what is not and can act on it with confidence. Thank you so much for making this possible and i am thanking myself for joining your webinars. Namasté,


"There was a lot going on during the five weeks I was attending AEW. Each session the meditations were very powerful. I could feel it straight away. Sometimes I would have a strong pain in my body, I was sad or tired. All these shifted just few minutes after the session started. That is how high the energy is. After each course I felt like I am flying. In daily life I realized that my connection to my higher self is much faster and stronger. This helps me to see some things much more clear. Even though I have at the moment tougher times I can see which event is coming from where . It is not always easy. I am also much more sensitive to peoples emotions. Eduard also helped to clear our flat from a distance and put the frequency higher. Since then anyone who comes to visit would ask if we did something with it. That the space feels brighter and larger :) If you want to make a better connection to yourself and learn something about how to rise your frequency I can only recommend to attend AEW. I am very happy that I did this. Thank you very much Eduard for your kindness and for your guidance. With much love and big hug"





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