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Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine Archetypes

Someone asked me about the sacred masculine & feminine role play in some group conversation on Facebook. Here is my personal opinion.

Male & Female Image Id (identity) Complex, is a karmic imprint. Why is it karmic? Because it is an intrinsic system to feed each other into the image that someone needs to be for another or a group (society, family, etc). Even if someone feels differently than the socially accepted norm, there is pressure to fulfill a role instead of being authentically who you are. If you are role playing just for the sake of approval from someone else or group, this creates energy portals which are very real and siphons each others energy. If the portals are based on love and respect with freedom, instead of the image role we are supposed to be playing, then it creates healthy portals which support healthy conscious relationships.

NOTE: To understand karma better; Karma is nothing more than taking the energy from outside ourselves from the surrounding holographic reality (people, things & events), instead of our own connection to God/source. There is no God judging you, but a simple mathematical precision structure, restoring the information of the hologram of reality back into itself, what is taken, will return to the hologram. The reverse is also possible, creating karmic situations so as not to enter the endless source within ourselves, not wanting to see or feel, which attracts other karmic distorted situations. Usually they are always in the form of what is called Shadow Persona's or Karmic Id Complexes. A Shadow Persona is that part of ourselves which runs in reverse, resulting in energy consumption from reality, people and situations or withholding Self from the Self within.

In the not so old days and even today, the image of the male is that he should be strong, handle a sword (protect & defend), and bring food (provide). For a female, it should be being beautiful, birthing babies and caring for the family household. Even in today's mainstream media, this image is still very present. There is still now a huge divide (rift) between men and women, on a societal scale, business scale, all the down to the personal human level. Example: men are like this, women are like that. Men are from Mars, women from Venus. Men do not talk about emotions, women are over-emotional. Women can not do the jobs men can do, and the lists of limited beliefs (archetypes) are endless.

Nowadays, new (c)age spirituality claims sacred masculinity as "the warrior" and sacred femininity as "the goddess". Although a much better Karmic Image Id Complex than in the older days, with much more love and respect involved, it is just that, an image and thus, a Karmic Id Complex. Build to keep feeding into each other's energies, meaning going into the Karmic Id Complex of expectation/disappointment/blame, because expectations will never be met, as anyone has their own personal view on how a partner should be. While actually another you is only there to love, not to project and expect. Not to fill the longing or missing within oneself, and certainly not to blame the other for your own pains and shadows.

This Male-Female Archetype Image Complex is feeding as well the divide between men and women, thinking they are different while both are human. This is called the Male-Female Rift.

The id complexes are karmic because it is to feed the need of love what is lacking within one self, motivated of having not enough self love and connection to source/God and thus creating portals between humans which siphons each other energies. While we have an infinite supply of energy within ourselves.

Everything is electric-magnetic and thus we are electromagnetic beings; electric male energy and magnetic is female energy. But this has nothing to do with sexuality or biology but with how creation itself is operating. With every human there is an electric magnetic field. Usually the right side is electric and the left side magnetic. We can all turn this on and off at will, being more electric (male) or magnetic (female) for any state or action or non-action we need or feel to be.

Of course, there is the Holy Hieros Gamos, the unification between duality, but that starts first within ourselves, unifying each shadow self to our complete Self, then doing the same with our experienced reality around us, and finally with an equal partner, which ultimately can change all of duality for the collective shared reality. But that is a whole other topic which I will post a blog about somewhere in the future.

On another point of view... can a man just be whoever he wants to be? Can a woman just be whoever she wants to be? Why the need to keep up appearances and unwritten social role plays? All of these are essentially masks...

Be human, be whatever the f**k you want to be, be authentically you! The rest is role playing... although if you enjoy role playing and keeping up appearances... please do as you feel, because you are always free to do what you feel is right for you <3 Like I said at the beginning of this blog, this is only my humble opinion.

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