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Clearing blocks for manifestations

During giving lectures and workshops many people asked me to give them the right way for giving clearing on blocks, pains in body or to un-manifest anything out of your life or actually manifest into their life. A lot of you understand the mechanics of manifestation and positive affirmations and such. Most of you have seen quite a few movies or books about it like The Secret for example. This article can be a guide for you on how to deal with your manifestation blocks, fears and problems as mere simple positive affirmations will not work. You first have to work on believes that you have on getting the desired results. The use of your power, beyond the veil of reality, to become the full potential that you are, you must clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness.

First you will need understand that anything will be given to you, from yourself to you, your higher self or God self is you. There is no limit in what you can manifest or receive, do not forget you are receiving from yourself as co-creator from this reality. Understand that all of our seen and unseen reality is a holographic reality. An illusion? Well that is just a word that seems empty by the meaning the word is given to you. It is about how it the “reality” is made up, and the hologram is still real. From you, source, you can instantly change this reality once you are truly connected to what IS. Hence just imagine changing the film for the projected reality, you do this from your highest level of awareness. But the holographic universe is a whole other topic and will leave this for now.

Next you should check is you what you ask from the ego or from your truest heart wish and self? Than you should check what underlying feelings are in the asked wish? Do you still have fear under it like “it will never go away”, or “I hope I get it this time”, or anything with a fear based question and desire. Or do you still have an unconscious thought that you actually think you do not deserve it? Having no love or trust in what you ask? Or even worse, you still cling unto pain because that is still to what you identify with and think that is what you are and think that is what you deserve?

I use always a very simple explanation for this, the red car. You see a red car on the other side of the street and think wow that is a beautiful car and wished you had one too. You ask by yourself oh yes please get me one too. First of all you cannot have what is from another person already, so difficult for source to manifest for you since anything you wish should not be in conflict with someone else wish. The owner of the car do not want to lose his/her car. Be open in how to receive it. It is called non-attached attachment, be attached to what you want but not on how you receive it and what it will be. Check if there is still emotions underlying like “do I will get it?” “will it be?” Cause source just will give you exactly what you ask for, or better what frequency you are vibrating. Anything you feel or wish, it is exactly how you feel and think with your wish is what is received and given and thus manifested.

You should also think about your wish and question, is this what you really want? Is this inline for the highest good for all involved? Better make the question precise. The question is always more important than the answer. The right question gives you the right answer. Sometimes I ask something to my highest aspect and I receive a no while later I ask differently and receive a yes. Why is this? Because of 2 reasons. We cannot always perceive in linear time what happens at a no time space “now” what is coming, and it might be not right moment. Or you simply asked it wrong.

Steps of doing manifesting wish:

Get in a very comfortable position, breath for just a few minutes in your nose to your stomach and out of your mouth. Quite the mind. Feel your intent of connecting to all what you are and not just the ego mind.

State out loud or in your mind with your intent that you connect to all what is, your highest aspect, your higher self. “Connect with my higher self”. Feel for a moment the stillness that you are, feel and breathe that love.

State once more your intent of what you want to manifest. But be neutral about it or just pure excited like a kid seeing himself already doing the wish. Joy is very close to love and happiness.

Feel all of your body, send that wish to all that you are to your DNA and state:

“It is commanded in the name of Divine Love that the source and any identities related to ………. (your problem that keeps you from having your wish) will be cleared on all levels of my awareness and unawareness, seen and unseen in the best way possible and inline with my higher self now.

As it is spoken, so it is done”

Be still to receive any insight if any will come up. Check if you still have any fears or worries about it, if so do clearing again till you feel trust and joy.

Let go of your wish now and trust that you will receive, let go of thinking about it.

Another way of doing this is as following, remember we live in a holographic reality, anything can take place. It is only your believe systems that keep anything into manifesting.

Each time you come into a problem or fear, remember yourself what you truly are. Feel the worry or pain as much as possible and then state:

“I am pure infinite consciousness, all of this is not real, it is completely made up by me for me. And I am taking my power back NOW!” Then feel or imagine the power coming back to you. And remember once more that you are infinite pure consciousness, feel that joy of it. Then see the problem and situation that gave you pain, see how beautiful it was, how you all created it yourself as part of the duality game. Give appreciation to the whole scenario you made, how detailed it was, look to the beautiful play you made, see the movie with total awe.

Keep doing this each time you feel fear or pain till the fear and pain becomes less and less till you feel it not anymore and coming back to trust.

This will create that the power you gave to the manifestation will stop existing because you are not feeding it anymore with your fears and pain and therefor keep manifesting it. You clearly let know source that you are done with it. Because you are not feeding it anymore with your emotions. This way many power will come back to you, remember most problems are only created from your mind which almost never really exist until you keep feeding it over and over until it manifest in your life.

Of course you will have to follow up once the blocks are cleared, it means take the opportunities that are coming along your way, good luck!

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