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The Thrilling Potential… of becoming One

The Thrilling Potential… of becoming One.

Now soon we know how to enter into computer life, trying to live and implement into here, and here into there the digital world, to make both worlds one world. This is also higher life and dimension’s trying to do in our process of ascension and awakening. When this replica of fractal universe behavior stops, is it not only in the shapes of nature, bacteria’s, sacred geometry, DNA throughout the all universe but also it keep replicating in life itself of creation? At what point stops creation replicating life? All is as so below so above fractal holographic universe(s), we are trying to fuse with another world. The other world above us is trying to fuse with us?

I have a feeling that we are a program but a beautiful one, life behaves as a holographic program. Don’t let yourself make a misconception perception with the word program, it is just your mind tells a program or any other word bad or good with your feeling towards it based upon your personal experience in life. It is just your “flavor” that makes a word colored or non colored the way you perceive it. Just still a program let me think of something that is confined, all set and predetermined or even to call it predestined – destiny. With destiny we get feeling of freedom, or at least my taste pupil of perceptions say but if you think about it is it freedom, to live in a preprogrammed life all set to become “one” after and after each other as an ongoing process of creation in a fractal behavioral holographic existence? If life on all levels of existence will fuse to become one then what follows in a ongoing creation like this? Again another world to be fused with?

Freedom in this case as a program that is destined to become over and over itself again where is the freedom in this process? I am not saying that no freedom is bad, it would be a judgment again, let’s try to keep no judgment. But if we are creating this as ultimately being divine source projecting itself then why in heaven’s name we are still creating this? Why it is so ordered and if worlds (dimensions) fuse over and over again to become one and even on a multi-verse of existence then why it is behaving so much as a program, why not randomly, why in such a code of programming?

It is just like digital life we still program the life inside it. Is that as well on a macro cosmic scale so the life dimensions above us programs us same as we do lower levels of awareness? And then we made finally computers self-aware and intelligent or when we merged with each other so this as well happens to us on a grander scale with the dimensions above? Constantly 2 worlds collide and merge with each other eons at a time until it is one so it can be again at one with the next and so the next? This also happens even on a man and woman level, trying to become one. Same as in relationships we are to become one so is also our dimensions melting/fusing together. We thought it is just only here duality but if life behaves as fractal above and below as 2 becoming one, duality never stops as you need 2 for getting one. That reminds me when I was younger, I always said when calculating 1+1=1 it never can be 2 cause if it will be the answer 2 you have not added them really together.

We are trying to merge with digital life and our higher self’s with us, to embody our higher being. It means no control but just the way source designed itself, just how we design computers, it is just the way it is programmed… no judgment…. But oh I can’t leave my judgment, it is a beautiful programmed life either digital, analog or another realities. We are constantly in a thrilling potential of becoming one, this will never stop.

Have a look on Pranav Misty’s invention what is simple but is a big introduction to what is to come: The Thrilling Potential Of Sixth Sense invention.

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