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Activation Lecture: Holographic Universe @ Earth & Beyond conference

Earth & Beyond was a marvelous conference where all sorts of stands showing the latest products and information, were people could inform themselves with the newest tools about health and growth psychical, mentally and energetically. Besides that whole day long lectures and healings from well-known speakers with the newest information about such wide ranging details as pyramids, UFO's, healing Earth, DNA and the list goes on. Have a look on the official site for further info

Chintamania was present with a stand that offered free Frequencies Of Light readings, information about DNA activations including karma & aura clearing, a beautiful Astrum Stargate from Ineke and selling geometric products from Janosh. From opening hours to closing it was busy at our stand and we did an estimated 60 persons Frequencies Of Light reading, that is for sure a record in 1 day!

That day I offered as well a activation lecture and a special kind of lecture, understanding how Holographic Universe implies to each and every one on a personal level and not just as a interesting knowledge theory with a lot of difficult words but what it means to be a particle of the whole and how the particle is the whole. How can be the other side of the universe at the same time also here? The whole is on the end you in its totality as singularity.

The main point of the lecture is not to give new theories but to implement them in your daily life's, to feel what it is like to be the center of all you are aware of, that you are the key to change for everything you can observe.

How everything is actually empty space and just an projected hologram and not even there! How source projected itself to know itself just as we are doing with each other in our personal life's. How source is learning to see herself with each particle that she projected herself with, how each particle is yearning and learning to love her back again. It is just the same as we are learning to love ourselves. That source cannot even exist without its projection and that counts same for us, without the other you don't exist. Or at least you will not know about it being just pure consciousness. You can't have one without the other in other words. How actually you need change yourself and nothing outside of yourself, and how it is possible to see bad in this world without it isn't inside of you, how you are attuned to frequency and that it is impossible to meet people, places, things and events without you being on the same frequency just like on a radio. How your DNA is the center of whole the universe and is the geometric pattern that source (we) created to project itself. How sacred geometry is the pattern that source created to experience and project itself thru. More about this in the soon to be released page on Chintamania website page "Holographic Universe, what it means in your life?"

After people could get in touch with themselves with this in just a little more than a half hour, we went on doing a highest priority karma clearing. All participating felt the enormous power in this activation and could feel the same at the same given moment the activation was going on. Around 80 people cleared from the own highest priority karma that their higher self decided what was best for them to let go. I am so thankful for all participating and even more for the wonderful people giving feedback after the lecture and how they felt the change inside of them. Thank you, you the other me what is me, thank you and I love you <3

The solution is inside of us, stop pointing outwards, look within.

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