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Montserrat Maria Magdalena - DNA activation - Activating Earth

Not just humans need activating the original bleuprint of the divine plan but Earth as well needs this and perhaps the most from all of us. We are the cells that keep Earth balanced and well... we have a lot of work to do!

When you become more in 5D awarness life becomes more fluid filled with almost touchable magic but that magic is just how Holographic Universe behaves, to make magic it means just to know same as Shamans know how "reality" works. So here is a story with a magic touch something that is not created even by my person here but by my higher self and the help of the White Brotherhood.

We, Justyna and me, found by the help of our Higher Selfs very cheap tickets to anywhere in europe. Justyna felt it should be Barcelona. The night before we went I was visiting by a light being informing me that something special will happen the weekend we go. We thought of it would be so nice to walk in nature so I turned on Google and found nearby Barcelona a magical place called Mount Montserrat which has a few old monestaries. Once arrived at Montserrat we thought lets be guided by what our surrounding offers us. We met at first a Ukrainian ( I have lived in Ukraine 8 years) who told us where it is the nicest way to climb the mountain. Although we nowhere could find a map we found a roadmap just on the street and I saw that there was also a ruin of Maria Magdalena church, my higher self told that this is the place to go to.

Justyna was still in the process of DNA activation and we thought to finish her activation while climbing the mountain but the codes where not printed yet out. How else it is so magical in the middle of nowhere just before climbing there was a little shop able to print out my manual!

While climbing the mountain there where 3 old ruin churges from the 5th century, arrived at the second it had a sign saying this is the church named after John The Baptist. John the Baptist was the DNA activator of Jesus as thaught by Golden DNA activation study and so here we are understanding that we should activate the whole Montserrat mountain.

We went to the highest point and found that Maria Magdalena old ruin church on top of it, here should be the place where put the divine plan back in its original function. To clear all those old hurt on this part of the Earth!

And so we did and the mountain thanked us by giving us a place to sleep on the mountain, a old ruin with ready 2 sleeping mats, candles, fire place with ready wood to burn and mostly of all a crystal and some rosemary laying on the table... and that was exaclty what we wanted to take with us from this mountain.

Thank you Montserrat! We are greatful.

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