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DNA - The Gene Code

Science does not yet recognize the true 12-Strand DNA of human potential (contained within the cellular material currently called "junk DNA"). The foundations of human DNA are minute templates of crystallized frequency, that is, electro-tonal sound patterns and electromagnetic light spectra that magnetically group into crystalline form.

These minute, multidimensional crystalline templates are referred to as DNA Seed Codes. The DNA Seed Code, the template for one DNA strand, is composed of 12 magnetic particle units (Base Codes) and 12 electrical anti-particle units (Acceleration Codes)

The DNA Seed Code, the template for one DNA strand, is composed of 12 magnetic particle units (Base Codes) and 12 electrical anti-particle units (Acceleration Codes). Each DNA strand is composed of the frequency patterns and light spectra of one dimensional band.

Everything out there is a holographic projection. Consciousness projects. We see the hologram because of what is held within our DNA. Each DNA Strand represents a Fire Letter Code/Scalar-wave program sequence corresponding to 1 Dimensional Frequency Band of consciousness/energy

All Aspects of human DNA are built upon this morphogenetic template of 12 Base Codes and 12 Acceleration Codes. (= 24 Seed Codes = 1 DNA strand)

Junk DNA is "no junk!" But instead part of the heritage that will one day led you back to the wholeness of your identity. The Reverse Mutation was a process of disassembling the DNA into pieces and left in the cells separated – creating what is now called the junk DNA.

The human genome (the genetic material of an organism) is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs, each of which set the blueprint for one Double-helix chemical DNA Strand.

Each Double-helix strand blueprint is composed of 12 base-magnetic (Mion) "female" Base Codes and 12 base-electrical (Dion) "male" Acceleration Codes. When the human genome is functioning naturally, the 12 Base Codes and 12 Acceleration Codes that hold the mathematical program for each Double-helix strand combine to form a set of 12 Vector Codes. (See: Silicate Matrix)

One Base Code + one Acceleration Code= 1 Vector Code.

The 12 Vector Codes of the human genome manifests as 12 NUCLEOTIDE BASE CHEMICALS that form the Nucleotide Base Pairs of which the chemical Double-helix DNA Strands are composed.

Due to the NDC-grid "Checkerboard Mutation" unnatural sonic control program in Earth's grids, only four Vector Codes have been active in biological Earth life since 25,500 BC, making the chemical DNA of Earth life falsely appear to be a "Base 4 Genetic Alphabet."

The original human genetic imprint is called the Silicate Matrix or Diamond Sun DNA Code, it is designed to manifest 12 strands of operable DNA, which allows for perception and embodiment of, and bodily transmutation-transmigration through, 12 dimensional fields and their corresponding levels of matter density.

The Silicate Matrix is the hidden evolutionary potential that presently lies dormant within the human genome (the genetic material of an organism) .

On a personal level, the Silicate Matrix corresponds directly to the levels of identity, the chakra system, levels of auric field, the Hova Body anatomy, the operation of the Kee-ra-shA (Kundalini) energy and the formation of the Merkaba Vehicle.

There are 12 dormant DNA codes corresponding to 12 Star Crystal Seals and each code carries the frequencies and light spectra contained within the Star Crystal Seal. These dormant gene codes allow for the separate DNA strands to "plug into each other", a condition necessary for Cellular Transmutation. The 12 dormant gene codes corresponding to 12 of the 15 Star Crystal Seals are individually referred to as Genetic Time Codes, Codes of Transmutation or Fire Codes.

Collectively, the 12 Fire Codes are known as the Silicate Matrix or the Crystal Gene. This is the original gene construction of the human organism. Due to various genetic mutations, a very small percentage of humans presently carry the entire Silicate Matrix in the personal morphogenetic imprint for the DNA. Through distortions within the DNA Seed Codes, the Fire Codes of the Silicate matrix break down and can no longer function.

Without the functional Silicate Matrix, the Star Crystal Seals of the bio-energetic body cannot activate and thus the body cannot achieve cellular transmutation and becomes locked within its dimensional space-time location.

The Silicate Matrix contains the original 12-strand DNA code structure of the original Taran-human prototype (the Turaneusiam). It presently exists within a number of humans as a latent genetic code sequence that must be brought into activation. Once activated, it allows for the progressive transmutation of form.

Not all humans carry this code, and not all code carriers can endure full activation, but those who carry this matrix (contained within the cellular material you currently call junk DNA) have the potential ability of accelerated evolution. They possess within their genetic makeup the latent ability to transmute cellular structure, which will one day allow them to traverse the time portals and inter-dimensional passageways without deterioration of their biological form.

The “Junk DNA” is “no junk!” But instead part of the heritage that will one day led you back to the wholeness of your identity.

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