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Universal Templar Mechanics - 15 Dimensional Time Matrix

Universal Manifestation Templates (Morphogenetic Fields) are called TIME MATRICES. There are uncountable Time Matrices within the Energy Matrix, which are collectively referred as The Time Matrix.

All Time Matrices within the Cosmic Energy Matrix follow a specific mathematical-geometrical program through which space- time and matter can be experienced by consciousness upon the Time Matrix structure.

Time Matrices are arranged upon a pattern of 15 different, but interwoven, Partiki Phasing rhythms (rhythms of expansion and contraction of energy).

Each of the 15 rhythms of Partiki Phasing creates one Dimension

(background artwork by Rene Hamilton - Power Of Soul)

Within the Time Matrix the 15-dimensions are further arranged into sets of 3 Dimensions, forming 5 3-dimensional reality fields called a Harmonic Universe (HU), and each HU represents a level of matter densification specific to its intrinsic rates of Partiki Phasing.

One Time Matrix is thus a 15-dimensional Scalar Grid with 5 separate reality fields (Harmonic Universes) corresponding, each one, to one of the 5 different densities of matter manifestation.

There are 5 simultaneous manifesting Euiago Cycles (Time Cycle) in every Time Matrix, through which consciousness passes in order to experience linear evolution through space, time and matter,

Each Euiago Cycle contains within it 6 smaller cycles of time called Time Continua.

Harmonic Universe 1

• Telluric Shield

• Nada Hova Body

• Incarnate ID

• D1 - Sub-Consciousness

• D2 - Emotional

• D3 - Rational

Harmonic Universe 2

• Doradic Shield

• Alpha Hova Body

• Soul Self

• D4 - Astral

• D5 - Archetype

• D6 - Angelical Mind

Harmonic Universe 3

• Teuric Shield

• Betcha Hova

• OverSoul Self

• D7 - Ketheric

• D8 - Monadic

• D9 - Keriatic

Harmonic Universe 4

• Maharic Shield

• Mahara

• Avatar or Christ Self

• D10 - Cristiac

• D11 - Budhiac

• D12 - Nirvanic

Harmonic Universe 5

• Rishic Shield

• Raja

• D12-D15 - Universal Conscious (Primal Light Fields)

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