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Human Origins

Humanity began 560 million years ago, as an Immortal Race called the Turaneusiam on planet Tara in Harmonic Universe-2 (HU-2). The Turaneusiam race had a 12-strand DNA morphogenetic imprint that allowed for embodiment of the 12 dimensional frequency bands of an HU-4 Avatar Identity.

Humans were "Seeded" on Earth and created as a planetary Guardian Race of God-like beings.

The word. "RACE" came from the Anuhazi RAY-sA. "RAY" equals Rainbow or Rays of Consciousness and "SA" in Anuhazi in this context means "Bearer". So Ray-sa means "Bringer or Bearer of the Rays of Consciousness". The Humans are the Bearers of the RAYS - the Ray-sas (Races Tribes)

The 12 Tribes

At this time, the creators of the Turaneusiams decided to try another experiment: To seed again their humans into the Earth system, but this would be done more slowly – the genetic imprint of the original prototype (the 12 strands DNA Silicate Matrix) would be broken down into sections or sub-imprints. Each imprint would be used to create a “smaller” prototype or sub-species of the original Turaneusiam created in Tara. The genetic package was broken down into twelve units, each containing two primary attributes of the original pattern that contained twelve strands of DNA.

The twelve groups of beings or “Tribes” were separated. As each of the twelve groups overcame the duality coded within its genetic structure, it would be brought into alignment with the tribes that have done the same. Through this process the human genetic strain would, over time, evolve into the wholeness of its original twelve strand DNA pattern again. It was and is a plan that would take several hundred thousand years to complete, if the species was able to evolve rather than fall into involution once more.

“Adam” and “Eve” were symbolic personages representing this polarization of the twelve single strands of DNA into twelve sub-species and the birth of duality of consciousness.

The Seeding of Humans

The First Seeding of the 12 Tribes (12 sub-species) / Etheric Race on Earth 250,000,000 years ago - During World Three. Ended via Electric Wars.

The Second Seeding 3,700,000 years ago to the present - During World Four. Ended via The Thousand-year War.

The Third Seeding 75,000 years ago to present. (present human lineage) - During World Four

Certain disruptive groups visited Earth during several periods of the First, Second and Third Seeding and created certain strains of their own species that could live comfortably within Earth environment. They began mutating captured humans, seeding the women, and created hybrids causing havoc among the developing human biology and "poked holes" in the cellular genetic imprint. (junk DNA)

The original plan for the species, as dictated by the original Turaneusiam creator groups and their Breneau allies, was the evolution of the species and the growth of the intellect and intelligence to the point where the truth of origins could be understood. Once the new human sub-species evolved to comprehend their origins they would be able to reassemble the dismantled DNA within their cellular structure, organize the actual original memory imprints, and with the help of inter-dimensional teachers connect to their original soul matrix families. Only through this connection to their original Soul Matrices could the species re-bundle the 12 strands DNA of the first Turaneusiam prototype.

The evolution of the Angelic Human Lineage has been riddled with war and strife since its creation 568 million years ago, as Fallen Angelic Legions have continually attempted to re-direct its evolutionary path into Fallen Angelic dominion. This war was brought to Earth from Tara 250-225 million years ago and has continued ever since, requiring 3 seeding of the Christiac Angelic Race lines. We are presently in Seeding-3 of the 12-tribes Christiac Angelic Human.

Human Origins

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