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The 12th Of Never

Put this info in the hopper, let it blend, let it converge. Let it merge. All the big words and concepts are just paradigms, which are shifting all the time, sense the essence, feel the presence, of the Light that shines. Beneath the syllables and the nouns, is a luminous common ground. The words are but fingers pointing to the moon or colorful balloons of hot air, floating upward into an endless expanse of sky, beyond the reasons and the whys. Be without a care, neither here nor there, let go of doubt and fear. We are all connected and protected, just realize that you are.

Ever blending, never ending in the language of your becoming, within your cells and DNA, reality is what you focus your intent upon, so express within each moment, the highest and the best of that which you truly mean to say. Look behind the curtain, go on, take a peek. Reality shapeshifts to conform to your beliefs, becoming all ways that which you seek. Commune and communicate, be flexible and you’ll move in the flow, there is always more than what you think you know.

Through the hologram of living, each experiences the world through unique and sacred eyes, Realize — as you open up your feelings and keep believing you understand, I AM that I AM, the unfolding plan, you will embody all the Love you feel you can, and receive a thrill of recognition, that will spark your intuition. Embrace the paradox, and the masks will melt, the veils will drop, your hold on time will stop. You will not scatter, or disperse, or mutate into some alien curse. You will feel more real than you have ever felt before, as you travel through many paths and many doors, no need to keep score, of what you think is right or wrong, just bang the Gong and get it on, ground the energy, sing the song, make it up as you go along. Sing the body electric, overtone a new vibration, a new and righteous tune, be wild, and free, don’t hold back, howl at the moon.

Here’s another clue, you know what to do. The more you reach out to IT, the more IT reaches back to you. Be honest, be sincere and true to that which moves you, in the colors that you fashion, from the burning fire of your passion. You dance the dance in graceful remembrance of who you are, for every man and every woman is a Star. Starseed you are, your origin and heritage, beyond death and beyond age. As the tapestry of the 12 is rewoven, the illusion of the controllers broken and dissolved in Love, not rage. In the dawning, a new blending — of scientist, artist, shaman, philosopher and sage.



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