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Plovdiv - DNA Activation - Activating Earth

And so I had a dream, a dream that was quite difficult and stressful about finding a place which I saw on a map in my dreams called Plovdiv. Mmm I thought when I woke up, where is that? Maybe that is in Russia? So I googled and found the city existing in Bulgaria... wow!

So again magical holographic universe started to flow in action, Justyna found by coincidence (yeah right;) very cheap flights to any place in Europe, just 25 euro's a return ticket, the same amount for last activation at Mount Montserrat.

I booked and 2 weeks later we were in Plovdiv, the city is one of the oldest cities in the world and every known civilization had something going on there. It lays between the Balkan Mountains in a very flat area with just 7 hills peeking out of it... now there are 6 because they used one of the hills to make roads of it!

We knew what we had to do there, clearing this part of the Earth from its old pain from years of wars, distorted religions and human drama. Activating Christ Consciousness and help Earth to Ascend to her other part of existence called Terra. And on another one it was also about meeting people, talking about what is going on this world, that it is time for each and every one to step in our power, to believe what we feel true to make it our own road no matter what. We met so many intriguing people who all where on the search trying to get in their own path but keep hanging just like us not succeeding yet in living our truth. It is a very changeling time indeed, we will get there, all of us and I sincerely believe this.

It was raining and storming very hard, even a tree snapped and fall on our roof, even nature was washing out the city which is normally very dry with almost no greens. We visited all hills and cleared first any distortions, then highest priority karma and so we went on the activate the Earth's DNA and Christ conscious energy reverberation manifestation frequencies.

Wow what a journey, it was not easy as for me personal I came to a lot of the old me, my own disbelieve in my own truth but thanks to all the people I met I knew that the life and mission I am living is what is meant to be. Thank you all who I have met!

Next stop: Caldwell :) (I had a dream)

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