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What if...

Forget for a moment what you think is true, try to let go of what we see each day, more and more a glimpse of, the real essence of what we are. But let's take it for one moment from a different perspective. Let us turn around while looking at our true self, but not from our being here. Nothing to prove here, just a thought about the essence of what we are.

If souls choose the life they are born in, then they also choose the bad ones. Everything is like it should be, it is an illusion to try to improve everything or anything at all, to try to take away the bad or improve the good. It can only be solved if souls do not choose this experience anymore! If they know already what will come from a “place” where there is no time and place and all is set in the now already, then why should we try to improve anything? Souls should improve before creating the life plan. What if this is the deception illusion that creates our being stuck in-a always-never ending thought-improvement state of being, a being called matrix?

This simple essence makes all void and not valid. There is nothing to improve and the souls just have fun while being an observer in our body. They like it the way it is. Even if you are disconnected from your higher self too. Souls know about this all before it even happens in our time matrix. Remember there is only now.

Once my higher self told me, we are just like automated robots who live in a pre-programmed reality that is all set beforehand in the now as we experience as linear time. We can live in our own predetermined set of rules and world where the soul is just an observer of it all while sometimes taking part in it as you go inline with your life’s mission. Life mission is just another part of what the soul programmed itself to come do here, but since it is a free-will predetermined game, it goes as it is.

Wake up from the game, this is the real awakening, it is just a game! This counts the same for fears and goals. How else can you live in a game without thinking it is real if you are not totally engaged in thinking it is real? How else totally be involved?

Life is just like a game. Take, for example, any ordinary game like the Mario brothers. This game has a programmed set of rules with boundaries just like our life and reality. All steps and moves in the whole game are pre-determined (programmed) possibilities of movement and actions. Each time you play it you can move differently, but you can still move as is programmed. Even though it is not real, you cannot walk through the rock or tree in that game unless you have a crack code. Now let's put this into our own lives. We have also programmed reality with a set of boundaries until we break ourselves free from the belief system we have of it. In other words, crack the code. What if our world is just a projection in a mad laboratory, just like we make games as well?

The awakening as we see it now is still part of the game! When will we really be awakening? Is the so much talked about awakening just not part of the delusion? And after awakening, do we think we are there? It will never stop becoming what it is. We are what it is. If you believe something is real, it is real. Step out of the belief system and you are free, but free of what? You can only be free if you know the counterpart of freedom. How else can you know what freedom is? As long there is a counterpart, there is no freedom and without a counterpart there is no other. The awakening has been and will be always now... a beautiful repetition of life that always finds itself over and over again to see for itself what it is. Awakening is now. Always now.

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