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Activation Lecture @ Earth & Beyond Conference 21-06-2014 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Activation Lecture: Holographic Universe, what can you do with it in your life?

A lecture on how holographic universe works in simple language with demonstrable facts, but especially what can you do with it in your life. This takes +/- 45 minutes with a subsequent holographic activation where we lift blockades for all who are attending.

Anyone who is but a little busy with self-development or discovering what life is about is talking about it or anyone who heard about lately: sacred geometry, macro-micro dynamic of existence, DNA, frequencies, waves, intentions and list goes on. When you look to the smallest particle what we can observe than you discover that it exist out merely nothing, we say it exist out of energy or waves before it becomes matter and particles. If you look to these energy or waves then this consist as well out of nothing and is non-existing and actually all life exist in nothing, no-thing. How is this possible? Where is it real? How do the dots connect? En help? Where are we en what we have to with it?

This lecture is mainly not going about to convince you with scientific facts in not understandable words and that we indeed just merely exist out of pixels just like on your television or like a projection in the cinema but that is already science fact! More important what can you do with that knowledge in your life? What is so important about the smallest particle that exist out of nothing? And what DNA has to do with the holographic universe? And what about that everything consists out of electro magnetic fields? And how it is possible that we and all of existence flash on and of millions of times a second in a scalar wave program reality? Time to make this understandable for all without to much expensive and difficult words. And most important, how can you use this in your life? How are you seeing yourself and life around you? Will you maybe discover you are the center of the universe?

After this we will do a holographic activation where we lift blockages with the knowledge on how it all works

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