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Finding Your Starname Meditation


Beautiful meditation to find your soul name on the highest level of your multidimensional awareness. You will love it because it is such a high frequency experience, to discover the vibration of your real name, to remember who you really are. The name is more then just a name, it is your unique vibration existing of geometric divine fractals, the purest form before source itself.


This meditation is made specially by Alloya and Eduard Franckena (Energy DJ) to let you connect to your highest part of your self and find your true name which is made out of pure vibrations. The music is 432 hz tuned, is added with quantum techniques, bio energetic waves, orgonite, crystals & agnihotra energy, nature sounds and brainwaves.


Here you can download the file

Feel free to share this with anyone you feel and use it to your wishes as long you mention the sites and the ones who made it

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