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Obsidian Light Meditation - Clearing Archons

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Please read the description. Find more information about the Archons on blog page and in this article written by Alloya. The music is produced by Nykkyo ENERGY DJ and Atati. Nykkyo Energy DJ is the Project from Eduard Franckena. He added quantum techniques with orgonite & agnihotra energy imprinted white noise, nature sounds and brainwaves. The music is 432 hz tuned and aura clearing commands & codes specially made for clearing archons and entities are contained within.

When I look at the auric field or plasma body of one who has an archonic infection I see what look like black worms, snakes, or slugs riddled throughout the field. These worms appear like the classic descriptions of Incubus and Succubus. Dan Winter explains, if you take a digital photograph of a leaking power transformer you will see little rods of energy in the plasma field, if you look at the geometry of this charged plasma you will see that it is not magnetically phase conjugate. These are called ectoplasm, succubus and incubus. In electrical terms in plasma physics ,these succubus and incubus are simply charged plasmas which are not phaseconjugate , in other words they are not geometrically patterned or folded into a form which is life supporting , self-regulating and sustaining and therefore without an injection of chi or electrical charge they will die off. So therefore tocontinue their life they become parasitic and feed off other life forms, in our case they feed off the light or chi within our plasma body or aura. In order to rid ourselves of these parasites we have to go to implosion. You can read more about this in my new book “The Navigators of the AbZu “available for free on my website.  


The easiest way to understand this is to imagine that your auric field or plasma body is fractal in nature, made up of complex geometric sacred geometry. These patterns are formed by the electrical charge or chi which folds the plasma in the aura. Patterns which are healthy are able to perfectly nest when implosion comes. They are able to fold on each other in a perfect shared space and therefore are not damaged by such a process. Those patterns which are distorted ( the result of various negative influences) when folded or imploded are not able to perfectly nest and therefore burn up in the friction which is caused by the rubbing up of one electrical charge to another .These distorted patterns are burnt up in the process of implosion. The archonic parasites are like negative chi or negative charge; they are not in harmony with the other patterns which make up the fractal body or plasma body. When implosion comes because they are not able to perfectly share they are burnt up in the implosion. So therefore if we take our plasma body to implosion we are able to rid ourselves of these parasites. 

In order to rid ourselves of these succubus and incubus entities or archonic parasites we need to implode our auric field into the obsidian light of the zero point or void, for this is the meaning of implosion. By perfectly folding our auric field into a single point and taking it through the zero into the void we are able in the process to burn off the archonic parasites. We become highly magnetic, being drawn to centre, to the zero point. In order to activate this process of implosion we have to work with the Obsidian Light, the Lumen Naturae. 


“Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source. The source is called darkness. Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding. “ – Lao Tzu. 


Lumen Naturae is the light within the darkness; it is the inner living light of the primordial, ever-present, non-dual awareness. Jung says, “discover that in the very darkness of nature a light is hidden, a little spark without which the darkness would not be darkness…the lumen naturae is the light of the darkness itself, which illuminates its own darkness, and this light the darkness comprehends” In contrast to a light that, as the Bible says,


“shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not,” the lumen naturae, the light of lights, is a light that the darkness intimately recognizes as its own nature.” – Paul Levy  


Instead of breathing in light, aligning to light or radiating light which we are so often taught, in this process of implosion we must work on the level of dark Obsidian Light, which resides at the zero point. By changing the frequency of our aura to the Obsidian Light frequency we activate this implosion process. As the implosion begins all our fractal patterns of our aura begin to fold in on each other, perfectly sharing the space. Those distorted patterns which the archonic parasites create in our plasma body are burnt up in the process, leaving us free of archonic infection. Below is a process for taking yourself to implosion and ridding yourself of archonic parasites.  


Here is a breakdown of a meditation that you can perform to rid yourself of a parasitic infection. Please read the text below thoroughly before attempting the meditation. There are key points to understand before performing the meditation.  


1) Working with the Obsidian Light and building an Obsidian Egg. 

2) Detecting and isolating the parasite, working with the Hex. 

3) Moving to the first dimension and purging the parasite from the body. 

4) Rebuilding the rainbowed light body and re-spinning the chakras.  


Working with the Obsidian Light and building the Obsidian Egg.


Imagine around the outer edge of your auric field a dark black obsidian shell; imagine this to be shinny like an obsidian stone which is polished. See this obsidian energy filling up inside the outer shell until your entire aura is black. See the crystalline form of the obsidian energy, see the plasma of your aura folding in on itself to implode and turn inwards. Instead of radiating out your energy which is your normal state, you must pull all your energy inwards. See each of your chakras in turn spinning inwards drawing your light into the very core of each of the chakras. See deep inside the chakras and make sure they are now completely black. You have now created your Obsidian Egg. 







Detecting and isolating the parasite and working with the Hex.  





Once you have achieved the Obsidian Egg the parasite will begin to increase its influence upon you as it tries to feed off your light, as there is no longer

any light it can feed off it will begin to become agitated, and therefore will begin to show itself to you. You will feel extremely uncomfortable in one or many of your chakras. Scan your energetic body at this point and find the place where it feels the most intense, and take your awareness there. When working on removing these archonic parasites from our energetic body we need to first of all detect where in our body they are. By working with the Obsidian Light we are able to move into a place in our consciousness where these parasites reside. Once we are working on their level they are easily detected.


Once we have found the parasite it is important to go to the source of the parasite or the main body of the infection. These parasites have long tendrils which can run throughout the whole body both in the emanations of the aura and the physical form itself. It is important therefore to go to its source; you will need to find this place to be able to contain the parasite. Once you have found your parasite you must contain it before moving on. You must work with the Obsidian Light to contain the parasite in a Hex.   A Hex isolates charge, life force and chi. The Hex is a container and prevents distribution of energy and thus is the prefect geometric pattern to use to contain the parasite. When we hear the word Hex we always think of conquering up demons. It is said to be a gateway for calling demons into our reality, you can place a curse upon someone by hexing them. A hex is also a container or seal for demonic or parasitic energies. If we place the parasite in a hex, we can create containment for the parasite and create an exit for it to leave the body. Imagine the parasite inside a hex which is made of Obsidian black light. This will contain the parasite so it cannot run around the energetic body and escape your detection. Once contained the parasite becomes powerless and will begin to starve, because of this the parasite will pull on all its tendrils which not only run through the chakra system but also throughout the meridian system, if the person is highly infected or has experienced a chronic infection over time. It is important that you continue to imagine the parasite inside the hex at the same time allowing the parasite to pull on all its tendrils, which run throughout the entire energetic body. After some time the parasite will pull all its tendrils into its self-inside the hex, once contained it can be removed from the body.  


I have discovered in my research and experience that the Archonic infection enters the body through the solar plexus chakra. This is the place of the sense of self and ego, so it stands to reason that this would be the place the archonic parasites would choose to enter, as they can easily trigger this centre to create a feeling of fear which they fed upon. Once they have entered the body through a distortion in the aura in the place of the solar plexus, they then grow large enough to inhabit the entire chakra. From there they can spread throughout the entire system and create further nests in all of the chakras. When you are getting to the very core of your infection you will find that the major source of the infection is coming from the solar plexus. It is normal to feel sick in your stomach when working on this level and will often feel like vomiting, allow yourself it is rarely physical vomit but energetic release of the parasitic energy.  


Nesting in the throat chakra also seems to be a highly infected chakra. When working on removal of a parasite in this centre we can feel like we are being suffocated, unable to speak or swallow, nauseous and dizzy, it can be very distressing, often demonic sounds are emitted. The brow centre is the place where nearly everyone I have meets to one degree or another is infected. This takes a little more work to cleanse this chakra and can be also aided greatly by using the meditation in conjunction with certain sound frequencies. Pressure on the head in the place of the third eye, dizziness, extreme headaches, ringing and pressure in the ears can be experienced whilst working on hexing a parasite in the brow chakra. I am glad to say that I have not discovered anyone with a parasite in the crown or heart; however I am sure there are those who are infected in these centres.


Moving to the first dimension and purging the parasite from the body. 


Once the parasite is contained inside the Hex it is time to take yourself to the first dimension where the parasite is burnt up. The first dimension is a place of gravity and therefore the parasite is compressed until all its charge or life-force is burnt up and then it is passed through the zero point or black hole into the void. Moving through the dimensions takes some practice but it is simply triggered by the breath. Ask your soul to build the energy of the first dimension around you and then breathe it in, the intention will change the frequency of your body and take you into a first dimensional awareness. It can be uncomfortably heavy and pressurised in this place but do not worry as it soon passes. Once you feel yourself moving down into the first dimension you will feel the stolen life-force within the parasite compressed from its body and then you will need to purge it from your body now that it is lifeless. Remain in the first dimension until you are guiding by your soul that the purging is complete or you feel a feeling of lightness, then and only then ascend your consciousness back to the  third dimension before moving on for the remainder of the meditation.


Purging of the parasite is experienced differently depending on the chakra which is being cleansed. The brow centre can cause fluttering of the eyes, ringing in the ears, nervous feelings or tingling in the face and neck, and a definite feeling of right and left hemispheres of the brain coming back into alignment after a shifting of energy between the two hemispheres. The throat chakra is probably the most dramatic, gaging, coughing,  energetic vomiting and the sounding of strange demonic tones, voices and vibrations can all be the result of purging. It is important to allow yourself some sort of expression it most definitely helps. The solar plexus purging produces stomach gurgling, cramping and intense waves of fear and anxiety. Once the purging is over your chakra will feel lighter, more energised, clear, balanced and healed.  


Meditation - working with the Lumen Naturae. 


1) Sit and relax and quiet the mind and relax the muscles of the body. Begin to take deep full breaths and relax further. Talk to your soul and intend to have removed any archonic parasites that may be situated in your energy body and chakric system. Take your awareness into the body and feel just how your body feels at that moment. Really be inside yourself stay in body, this is important not to go out of body.  


2) Begin to visualise your aura around your body, vibrant and colourful. See and feel the various colours of your chakras spinning in energy.


3) Begin to visualise your auric field turning black, begin with the outer edge and work your way into the physical body. See the dark light not just dark but shinny dark like an obsidian crystal. See the crystalline form of the obsidian energy moving into your body. Not only see your aura turning black but also feel it becoming black. It will feel heavy and cold and a pressure will begin to build in your body, keep going imaging your entire aura turning black. See the chakras turning black too, see the geometric forms of the chakras imploding on themselves, so instead of the energy radiating outwards from the chakras, see them turning in on themselves. See them turning black to their very cores. Remember the parasites are nesting in the very centre of your chakras in the rim around the mini black holes which reside at the centre of all systems, chakric and galactic. You must take the obsidian light to the very core of your chakras in order to rid yourself of these parasites as they will hide themselves there and only reinfect you at a later time.


4) You will find places in your body that feel heavy or pressurised, with the continual darkening of the aura, this will increase in intensity until you will feel the movement of the parasite somewhere in the body. Take your awareness there. You may see the parasite. Once you have found the parasite, go to the place in your body where it is situated and then see and feel the black obsidian hex to contain the parasite, surrounding it. At this point it is important not to take your focus off the hexing of the parasites. You do not want it to escape. See and feel the parasite contained within the hex.  


5) Ask your soul to take you down into the first dimension, simply take a deep breathe with this as your intention, and allow yourself to travel down into the first dimension. Once you are in the place you will feel heavy and you will begin to purge. You may feel sick and think you are going to vomit; it is unlikely that this will be physical but be prepared. Allow the feeling to arise in the chakra where the hexed parasite is contained and if you feel you need to express the removal of this parasite in sound allow yourself; you will be amazed at the demonic noises you can make. You may urge or cough as the parasites leaves your body. Allow the purging to continue until you feel a feeling of clarity and clearing in the chakra. Remain in the first dimension during this part of the process and intend this from time to time to make sure you are still there. Once you have successfully removed the parasite you will feel lightness in the chakra, warm and empowered. Allow yourself to move back up through the dimensions once again to the third still inside your

Obsidian Egg.  


6) Slowly begin to breathe in the various colours of the chakras starting from the base and feet chakra working your way up to the crown, breathing in the appropriate colour for each one, rebuilding your rainbowed aura once more. See your chakras beginning to spin once more becoming energised and colourful once again.  Leave an inch layer of obsidian light around the outer edge of your auric field to prevent being re-infected.  


7) Thank your soul, bring yourself back into the room and drink plenty of water and rest.  


Now you do not want to have to sit down and do a meditation every time you feel one of these archons infecting your aura so is there anything we can do to remain unaffected. Take yourself to implosion with every breath. You can set up an automatic cycle process in your auric field which enables you to move into implosion with every intended breath. Imagine with every in breath you are imploding to the zero, in other words turning your aura black and then with every out breath you are radiating yourself as a rainbowed plasmic being. With every in breath you would be clearing your system. This goes against much of what we are taught by the new age, we are taught to always breathe in light. But what if this incorrect, what if breathing in light as if it is outside of ourselves is actively feeding these archonic entities? Many will shy away from breathing in dark light as they will associate it with the satanic. But if the true light of consciousness, the Lumen Naturae is the light within the darkness, then even if we breathe in darkness or turn our aura black or take it to implosion we are still in our divine truth. I intend to try this out for myself and would love feedback from others who are daring enough to try it. Breathing in the light, the opposite to the dark, in polarity is only feeding these archonic entities more; we have to try



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