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New Earth Meditation

New Earth Meditation. A meditation to ground yourself with the new energy grids within the earth and stabilize your hologram into the new earth called Gaia.

The music is encoded with high frequencies, subtle energy, sacred coding and energy imprinted white noise. This meditation is to aid you and Gaia in the shift to a New Earth. A lot of us feel some fatigue through the years, a lot of very energetic moments but also some low moments of feeling tired. All because of the incoming energies from the photon band entering our earth and awareness. All for change… A lot of chaos right now, it is important to have clear fields and ongoing source downloads, so we can contribute to the new earth Gaia.  Do this meditation when you feel that you can be more grounded into the new energies available, and at the same time support Gaia and the for the ones who live on it. You can do this meditation once or a few times a week. Enjoy <3

Here you can download the file

Feel free to share this with anyone you feel and use it to your wishes as long you mention the sites and the ones who made it

Enjoy here more meditations

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