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Energy Medicine for the Digital Age

The most powerful, cost-effective vibrational medicine technology for positive change: psychical, emotional, social and spiritual. In essence, we’re dedicated to developing technology that helps you feel good and more easily tap into your highest potential. We do this by turning your electronic devices into powerful energetic allies that broadcast the energy you need whenever you want, wherever you are!




Get the energy you need when you

need it, on-the-fly, no matter where you are. Shift your state instantly and make long-term positive changes in your life with our Mandalas

Transform your personal space and upgrade your environment with our Energetically Encoded Audio products designed to help you succeed at anything

Save big on our specialized Digital Energy Mandala bundles. Tap into your higher mind functions or unlock your personal power with these awesome bundles

What are Digital Energy Mandalas?

Shift your energy to transform your life

Easily Improve Your Life by Opening a Simple Picture on Your Computer, Phone or Tablet - amplify to your personal needs

We create high-tech art that transforms your electronic devices into powerful tools that energetically support you in fulfilling your goals whether they are related to health, mental performance or spiritual growth.

When a Digital Energy Mandala or audio (mandala pictured to your left) is opened on your smart phone, tablet or computer, it automatically broadcasts the energy signatures we’ve embedded in it through your chosen electronic device.

The resulting energy field in turn is broadcast directly into your own bio-field to energetically support you.

Every Digital Energy Mandala also contains built-in EMF protection to neutralize the harmful effects that comes from the electromagnetic fields produced by your cell phone and electronic devices.

How to use

SES Technology for

long term transformation?

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