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Frequencies Of Light

Quantum Pleiadian Holistic Therapy



It is an advanced system of holistic energy therapy based on knowledge from Beings of Light of the Fifth and higher dimensions, called Pleiadians, who originated from the constellation of the Pleiades. In this transitional phase toward Light, are also used all energies available on our planet, as the Violet flame and the Emerald flame, with the support of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood.


  • The Pleiadians “angels” have in their mission to support and assist mankind, respecting their free will, to get prepared for the higher frequencies directed thru from the Pleiades, which started in 1987 with full power in December, 2012 till 2017.


  • Provides a step of treatment and holistic healing, activating the various channels ( 34 chakras) of vital energy in all its frequencies, using a coherent system of energy harmonization.


  • It connects the ego to the Higher Self, which permits the sense of Unity and consciousness enlightment, providing a shift from the lower mental mind to the divine intuition that comes from the Higher Self, our inner god. Through this consistent connection, the energy of Unconditional Love can flow from higher dimensions.


  • It’s a tool for energetic preparation to support the powerful energy shift from the photons band expected on December 21, 2012 till 2017 according to the Mayan Calendar and Pleiadians.


  • New information from the 5th level dimension helps people to expand their consciousness above the manipulated duality world of 3D and 4D.

How does it work?



  • An energetic diagnosis of the chakras (34 energy centers) and on the human bio field is performed. During diagnose you will receive verbal advice regarding any unbalanced energies, and the cause and effect of physical, emotional, mental and psychic ailments, so you can keep your energy balanced by your self after harmonization has taken place and in future don't need a therapist anymore. Become in your own power.


  • Through the balance of the vibrational energy centers (34 energy centers are diagnosed), there is harmonization and realignment of the different energy bodies: etheric, emotional and mental.


  • By activating the Pineal gland (crown chakra) and harmonization of the intuitive brain (right brain), is made reconnection with the Higher Self, Divine or Spiritual Body.


  • For the harmonization of the thymus gland (heart chakra), the immune system is activated, which stimulates the whole self-healing physiological process, both at the level of cells and organs.


  • As a result of inter and multidimensional harmonization, one is awakened to a new lifestyle that leads to an expansion of awareness, correction of unhealthy habits and able to follow one's life mission with joy and happiness.


Treatment Results



  • The most profound benefit is starting the process that permits the person to find his/her mission in this life on our planet and to have the feeling of Unconditional love for all beings and existence.


  • Eliminates negative energy and purifies the physical, emotional and mental states of negativity generators, unclear behaviors and nonspecific diseases, like depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, fears, autism for example.


  • Clearing of the auric field. Eliminating dense energies of the etheric body, which causes ill-health but is often manifested by anxiety, insomnia or too much sleep, depression, stress, nightmares, headaches, pain, (sometimes chronic), palpitations, heartburn, gastritis, digestive disorders, constipation, leg pain, cancer, Parkinson's disease, outbreaks of schizophrenia, obsessive behavior, panic attacks, phobias and unexplained fears, sexual trauma, addictions to drugs (legal and illegal) or anything what keeps you from not being able to say no to.


  • Achieves and gives an expansion of consciousness. As a result of the rising of energy, spiritual attacks, obsessive intrusive energies, implants, elemental forces and attacks during sleep which generates loss of rest and therefor loosing  vital energy (vampirization), and as a result have a low immune system which main symptoms are: the person is oversleeping, waking up tired and exhausted, as if one had not rested at all and has dark circles under the eyes. All these sort of symptoms are being taken way.


  • Purifying and balancing the mind, bringing back the joy of living, of the spirit and the divine assistance, the removal of vampirism and other soul diseases, creating conditions for the physical body and mental state to regain its harmony and healthy state.


The Basis Of Healing



The physical body is surrounded by a vibrational quantum energy body, called etheric bodies or electric magnetic body, which controls every cell in the body and ensures the physical health and physical well-being, mentally and psychologically, when all the energy is in balance and in harmony. The energy vortexes-chakras in and around the body are linked to the nerve plexuses of the physical body and the meridians inside the body, it is when they are out of balance that they cause very ill-diseases, such as:


  • Depression, anxiety & stress

  • Existential emptiness & mental disorders (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, epilepsy, etc)

  • Bipolar disorder & OCD/DOC (disorder/obsessive-compulsive disorder)

  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) & Autisme all very common in Indigo children/adults specially type 3 Indigo's

  • Sleep disturbances (insomnia, somnolence, apnea, abnormal dreams, and nightmares)

  • Panic disorders, fears in general

  • Myalgia, fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, back pain, pain in general

  • Allergies of unknown origin

  • Sexual disorders (trauma, low libido, obsessions in sexual desires)

  • Degenerative diseases and cancer

  • Psycho-spiritual disease & obsessions


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