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DNA Activation: Activation 1.0

Activating the 12 strands DNA in a musical journey


Nykkyo Energy DJ performs a DNA activation DJ set with quantum techniques in the form of activations, subtle energy frequencies and scalar wave consciousness codes, activating the 12 DNA strands of the angelic human 12 strand DNA potential. This musical journey is the first of a series of 3 DNA activations, each time activating 4 strands of DNA till the full 12 strand DNA template.


DNA Activation is the process of energetically awakening the dormant DNA inside the morphogenetic field called "junk DNA" by science. Science calls it junk DNA because they think that it doesn't do anything (code for proteins). This DNA is there waiting for the right interdimensional frequencies (specific mathematical codes) to TURN ON the dormant fire letters (Enochian and Hebrew name for scalar wave programs) in your DNA and activate your conscious connection to your Higher self. The more DNA strands you can activate, the higher the level you can ascend to, and the more your consciousness expands thus creating a life in line with your life’s path, one you truly desire.


In simple terms your DNA is the receiver/transmitter film consciousness is projecting through, and is making your reality in each and every moment. This creates what job, relationship, health or financial situation you have in your life or being able to do what you feel and wish the most. By changing your DNA and upgrading it with a better film or so called pattern you will manifest the desired outcomes into your reality and live in line with your highest purpose.

When: 7 November
Where: Club Lite / Chocolate Club


Go to event on facebook HERE



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