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Pleiadian Medicine Ceremonies

17, 18 & 19 June The Love Farm, Sevenum, Netherlands


We, Chintamania, Frequencies Of Light & Healing Hands, organize three profound healing ceremonies with the aid of the Pleiadians, Cherokees, other light beings and the medicine plant Ayahuasca.

The Circle Of Light ceremonies will be same as with Frequencies Of Light healing and cleaning ceremony where we clean all that is stuck in our emotional and mental bodies. This is the ceremony performed as with the initiation for Frequencies Of Light therapist but without the initiation. We noticed that we had many requests for just the ceremony as it was a healing experience that helped change their life's.

This is a liberating experience which cleans deeply that which is stuck and distorted with ones self, ready to be transmuted into more you and in love. Be able to to connect to your highest self and seth forth your life's mission.

The brew that we will be using will be of feminine energy and therefor softer and more useable since we will be connecting straight to your higher self. This will have result of a more understandable experience that can be used in your life. The main is not see the 4D/5D colored world but to connect to your higher self and find your self and/or your answers.

17 June

18 June

19 June
start - 18:00, finish at night , next morning we have sharing together.

The Love Farm
(For people who coming by train, there is a nearby trainstation, and the possibility to pick you up)

Costs: 100,- euro for 1 night, incl light breakfast/meals, and drinks.
For deeper experience and understanding you are welcome to stay the whole 3 days or 2 days. Highly recommended!
If staying whole 3 days a discount will be applied.

Please notice: Seats are limited, and participation confirmed when payment is done!

For registration or info email:
*Eduard Franckena or
*Lenny Janssen

Please bring comfortable clothing, slippers or comfy socks,and if staying overnight bring as well sleeping bag and a undercover.

Ceremonies are lead by Eduardo Chianca Rocha the founder of Frequencies Of Light and specifically for this comes from Brazil. Eduardo teachings are very profound based on science (quantum physics), shamanism (ancient wisdom), experience from working around the world giving seminars, lectures and therapies, medicine plant ceremonies, etc. And get in his work support from the 4D astral plane existing Cherokees and 5/6/7D light beings called the Pleiadians.

The healing ceremonies are assisted by Eduard Franckena Chintamania and Lenny Janssen Healing Hands.

Eduard Franckena is a man who has developed himself as a highly qualified guide, therapist and teacher during many years of being engaged in giving lectures, seminars and trainings as a therapist as well as giving performances as an artist which integrates his knowledge as a healer. Next to this he has trained himself and by his guides extensively during many years in Keylontic science, esoteric teachings, quantum physics and has specialized in several forms of energetic therapy.

Eduardo will be available for individual healing sessions, just contact for making an appointment.

Lenny will be a very loving and caring host and guide during the ceremonies, and available for giving massages and healings.

Eduard Franckena will be giving healings if needed as well.







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