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Auric Clearing


Aura Clearings focus on clearing the energy field or auric field. Aura, auric field or electro-magnetic field is the light body that surrounds the physical body. Most people have many unseen blockages that we can identify and remove on all 15 levels of awareness during Auric Clearing sessions. Our awareness expand to a 15 dimensional anatomy within which we have our various identities: Incarnate identity at dimensions 1-3, Soul identity at dimensions 4-6, Over Soul identity at dimensions 7-9, Avatar identity at dimensions 10-12 and Rishi Identity at dimensions 13-15.  Many people are carrying unfinished business, belief systems, thought-forms, paradigms, contracts, etc. of many of lifetimes in their soul memory. During Auric Clearings we can energetically transmute soul fragmentations in this and past lifetimes. These fragmentations and blockages are seen by clairvoyants as holes or dark areas in the auric field which represent unresolved issues and stagnated life force energy. 


The auric attachments often represent the greatest challenges in emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. This is why many people often spend years on workshops, reading self help books and they keep feeling stuck and getting themselves into the same situations. Until we permanently transmute these auric attachments from all levels multidimensional awareness including the neural networks associated with them, they will keep activating again and again. And every time they activate, we charge them with more emotional energy and they get more solidified and with a stronger magnetic frequency.


Solidified energetic blockages often manifest as diseases and the magnetic charge from these auric attachments will attract us to people, events, times and places with a similar low frequency thus making it very difficult to manifest the desired reality.


In the Auric Clearing session we scan the multidimensional light body and using scalar language and energy directing techniques and sacred code of AH (AH is Absolute Harmonic Universe, the higher universal self of Universe HU, where human experience takes place) we can communicate with person’s Higher Self and subconscious mind to permanently transmute these attachments. Then the person will recover golden soul fragments that represent pearls of wisdom from the issue being absolved and at the end of the session we make a download of new cords, new templates and new soul programming from the Higher Self. Thus, the person has a higher frequency and the reality can change by attracting people, places, times and events that resonate with the new, higher frequency.


A person's health and experience of life (a person's reality) has its basis in holographically-recorded attitudes, beliefs, and emotions and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relationships to others, and shape our world view. By removing important blockages and unwanted attachments from the "unseen" or "subtle" bodies and unplugging them from the neural networks of the brain at a quantum level, a person's life starts to change and bloom.


We are connected to Source or God through rotating fields of energy that come from Source down through the universal, galactic, planetary, and then personal energy grids. If we have blockages like occupants or portals in our bio-energetic field, then these affect our ability to accrete this energy from Source and affect our potential for at-one-ment. With these gone, we have much more energy and will be able to tap into higher dimensions of consciousness that are closest to Source. 


The Types of Auric Attachments Included In This Clearing & Required to Clear Prior to DNA Activation:


  • Occupants – thoughts that believe they own your body.

  • Discarnates – disembodied souls that use you as a host.

  • Ids – unconscious identities, fractured soul fragments.

  • Negative thought forms

  • Demons – dark soulless entities that possess individuals

  • Portals – slits in your auric field that drain your energy and through which you absorb other people’s issues

  • Wormholes – parasitical drains that siphon energy from you. (Usually it is a discarnate draining you through a wormhole)


All of the sessions are energetic in nature and do not require that we have physical or verbal contact during the scheduled appointment time. But I prefer personal contact as you will be more aware of the process so all sessions are done through Skype or personal meeting. All that is required of you is that you get into a comfortable relaxed state with the intention of allowing the work to be done in the most beneficial way. I will get in my unique “Quantum State” and connect to your Higher Self and perform the clearings. It does not matter where you live, even if you are half way across the world, since I will be connecting via what quantum physicists call the unified field.

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