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Accelerated Empowerment Retreat

The only way to change your reality and the world is to change your inner reality. You cannot shift an external manifestation without changing the internal vibrational source.

7 & 8 May 2016 The Love Farm, Sevenum Netherlands


Through my personal unique way and system which integrates all my learning and knowledge, I offer you a weekend to upgrade your life, deprogram distorted conditioning and negative thought patterns, activate your potential and become in your life’s mission. Many people asked me for the knowledge, practice and my state awareness to a way to transfer this to them, so they can use this in their own life’s. This weekend is the first in a series of clearings, knowledge, activations and energy transfers.


This is for people who want transformation breakthrough and get rid of years of distorted conditionings. This is ONLY for people who are ready and choosing consciously to make a shift. Who choose new life but are still stuck somehow because of conditioning programs, shadow self or blind spots. For who want to know more about our reality, how thoughts shape reality and the underlying construct, how you change the inner frequency to change the outer experience of life. Understanding the dynamics of reality and most of all how to use this in your life.


We will also focus on identifying and clearing negative program, belief, and negative thought form affecting your life. Clearing karmic programs and activate your 12 strand DNA. When you are able to access higher frequencies with the lower distortions gone, you will quicker understand new knowledge and are able to access higher truths by your own connection with source.


This weekend will include:

  • Educational awareness

  • Aura clearing of this and past lifetimes

  • Karma clearing of this and past lifetime’s including ancestral karma

  • DNA activation to increase the amount of higher frequencies you can hold in your DNA

  • Energy ceremonies

  • Meditations

  • One on one energy healings

  • Optional Ayurveda Massages


You will get to learn:

  • How our reality works including higher and lower dimensions

  • How to change your reality around you

  • Keeping yourself clear, clearing energy entanglements

  • Clear your surrounding and house

  • Make conscious contact with your Higher Self

  • Learn about your life’s mission

  • New insights about the nature of reality


Learn a new way of seeing yourself, reality and embody your purpose through the unique energetic awareness exercises and experiences, guided meditations, visualizations, healing ceremonies, optical pineal induction code transmissions, you will overcome your limited programming on all levels of your awareness.


Any questions will be answered by Eduard, his guides and your own higher self.


This weekend is only available for 10 people.


Costs: 250,- euro (this is extremely high discount normally 6 sessions only costs 450,- euro and that is without all other mentioned topics, healings and knowledge).


No certificate or such will be given, there is no need for outside approval of your own power that you are able. Only you and your commitment can!


For registrations and/or questions email:

Eduard @





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