Today day of change!

The number 26 I saw many times last weeks and I was wondering what it meant? Many times in all my life I see numbers, figures and symbols. I always said that when I was 5 I saw the figure 5 and saw this with color red and since that time whenever I saw 5, 55 or 555 it meant it going to be a blessed day... but number 6 was the opposite, saw the 6, 66 or even 666 and something was bound to happen as a warning sign for something that goes just not that good.

I have countless stories from everyday since I was 5 untill now where again and again this symboling helped me. Now there are countless stories of other people who see lately as well the symbol and numbering in their life. My aim is not here to explain how this works cause I mention this in Holographic Universe section, please look there for why all works with symbol thru numbering, signs, songs, animals and so on :)

The main point is today when fnally my site has started it is the 26th and it was a new number for me seeing so much lately, coincidentally it is as well the new Kings day in The Netherlands where I currently reside. Formerly known as Queensday this was years already on the 30th the same month.

I feel it in all my bones and feel my guides and other beings showing that there is something bound to happen this day, it much be a magic day!

Focus upon that people, that today is a magic wonderful day!

Much love,


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